Television Shows Etc.

    In the living room of the house in which I live sits a magical box.  Sometimes when the sun is at the right spot in the sky I can see pertty moving colors and sounds that remind me of something.  I find this enjoyable.  Though I cannot explain how this amazing box works, Every now and then a certain pattern not only sparks my interest but causes me to bang these things on my hands against a weird thing that makes clicking noises and things appear on another magical box.  That is what the following page is of.

Cowboy Bebop
An anime that in any other format would be boring and trite.  It is no Lie to say that this show is made by the music and not really the plot.  That and the art is decent.  The character design is ok and every now and then a episode comes along that is worth watchng for the plot too.

Episode Guide

Warning:  This Episode guide contains no spoilers that can be understood.  Unless one has seen these episodes the guide will make absolutely no sense.  Most episodes will have a quick sketch drawn on paint in about 30 seconds stuck right in the middle.  Do not let this desturb you.  Many of the disjointed semblences of sentence fragments will make no sense and most of these sound like a Happy Noodle Boy rant.  Reading these may cause neausea, headaches, extreme bowel damage, cancer, pregnancy, temporary blindness, nerve damage, and in some extreme cases death.  Am copying that eps down from a notebook, will take a while.

Boogie Woogie Feng Shui
Cowboy Funk
Brain Scratch
Hard Luck Woman

Ach how I used to obsess with this show, I was a fool.  Of course I still am a fool, but about different things.  I made profiles of some of the character here, if you wish look at them.  If you are literate you may even read them.  Before you do read the season summaries.

01 aka Breakfast Club on Crack
This season is in the simplist sense of the phrase "Breakfast Club on Crack."  The designers of the show, after a multi month dug binge and killing spree spanning three countries vomited on a piece of paper and connected the dots.  This was used  to create a show tying in with a giga pet like device and give it the same name, Digimon.  In it are represented a Rebel, a Jock, a Prep, a Nerd, a Tomboy, and two little freaky psychic kids who are sent to detention in an alternate dimension for killing their counselor with a plunger and a grape.

The member of the breakfast club are all grown up, or at least in high school.  The two psychic children are now the center of the show.  There is a new Jock, the nerd and prep have been combined into one, and instead of a rebel a psycho.

A mix between the matrix, pokemon, and Mobile Suit Gundam.  Little angst ridden children debate whether artificial intelligence is still life.  (Answer: yes. but the light bulb has to really want to change).  And the question is reality subjective? is hinted at (Answer No, reality is objective, but truth is subjective).


These are some digimon MP3's, they are japanese and decent, but the site is usually overloaded from bandwidth overuse.  Try to download if you want.


Monster Rancher
An anime based on the video game of the same name (at least in the US).  Nothing special about it, but I began writing a long and elaborate fanfic about it.  May edit and complete it someday.  I don't know how long ago I wrote this, or when I will finish it, but I know I put a enormous amount of work into it.  It doesn't show by my standards, but back then, it was great.