Cowboy funk

So, finally you show it

big city with bigger towers, teddy bear?

Big escalators

hotel prison? that's cheap

nothing disarmed bomb

dude a horse of course, what an idiot

lasso, boom and he gets away

duse that's harsh

the dog is wearing a wig, that's wrong I pity Ein

Jet is dressed as a hippy man

crap, him again, and with the horse

that looks weird

Crap, Fay is hitting on him, that's really sad

property damage

ok, he can't screw this one up, or maybe he can

he eats with the horse

ohhh, she just wants his money, now I feel better

woohoo, bigshots!

Blow up city hall, crap its him

They do look alike, and sound alike

man that's a joke

At least he's a bit brighter

Two hundred teddy bears, talk about overkill...

And Fay takes him out

great, now they're going to duel

man that's just pathetic, laughing

he is pissed

you win?  man he retires  that is really funny

So what are you going to do now?

I have no doubt I'll find something, see you space Cowboy

That was really cheap

He wan't to send out a warning against the needless waste created by the needless waste created by capitalism without phylosophy.....

space samurai?

see you space cowboy