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Chapter three: Enter Evil- what is a story without conflict?  Gay, so now I’m adding lots of evil people to try to beat up on our heroes.

Genki felt warm, he didn’t want to get up.  Someone was shaking him.

“Go away.”  Genki said waving his hand in the air.  “I want to sleep more.”

“Chi!”  Mocchi exclaimed.  Mocchi went over to Holly.  “Wake up Genki!  Please Chi?”

Holly sighed and started to get up, then she decided against it and decided to try something else.

“Genki get up now!!”  She shouted at him telepathically.

Genki jumped up and glared at Holly angrily.  “Don’t do that Holly!  It hurts a lot!”

“Sorry Genki.”  Holly said.  “But you weren’t getting up.”

All of the sudden Genki ran up to her and tackled her out of the way as the wall she had been standing in front of collapsed.  Holly looked over his shoulder to see Hare and tiger lying on top of the rubble out cold.

“Golem thinks they were fighting.”  Golem said as he looked down at them.

“Whadaya expect!”  Suezo said.  “They’re constantly fighting.”

“Chi!”  Mocchi exclaimed angrily.

Golem went and dragged Tiger and Hare off of the rubble then Genki hit them both with a pail of water to wake them up.

“What do you think you were doing!?”  Genki shouted.  “You could have killed someone, you should stop fighting like that.”

“We weren’t fighting.”  Hare replied.  “Well we where at first but then the we where coming back for some breakfast when the wall blew up.”

“Why would the wall just blow up?”  Holly asked incredulously.  “There’s no reason for it to do that.”

Just then the young Hare, Jim, and Colt came over the rubble carrying a mangled piece of machinery.

“What’s that?”  Genki asked.

“This is the bomb that was planted to blow up the wall to kill the people sitting in front of it, what did you think it was?”  Colt replied.

“Not that obviously.”  Genki replied.  “Who do you think set it?”

“I’m not sure, but if I where you I would get the info and then get out of here as fast as possible.”  Colt replied.

“We were planning to do that anyway.”  Holly interjected.

Colt turned around and gestured for them to follow her.  “Great, I’ll show you where to go.”

Everyone followed her as they came to the remains of a large door that framed a dark hallway.

“Chi, I remember this place.”  Mocchi said.

“Golem does too.”  Golem said.  “I don’t want to go in there.”

“If any of you are easily upset don’t come in here, except for Holly and Genki who would have to go either way.”  Colt said.

All the monsters stayed outside though Tiger wasn’t upset but just wanted to “make sure that they weren’t attacked again.  In the end Genki, Jim, Holly, and Colt went in and all the monsters stayed behind.


“It’s really dark in here.”   Holly said.

“Are you scared?”  Colt asked.

“No.”  Holly answered.  “Though I did want to warn you that there’s rock in front of you.”  Holly said, however just before she got it out there was a grunt in the dark.  The cave lit up as Jim held up a torch Colt was sitting on her butt in front of a rock with her eyes watering.

“That really hurt.”  She gasped as she got up.

“That looks like it would hurt.”  Holly said.

“Well at least we have a light now.”  Said Genki.
They regrouped and started back down the dark corridor, they came into the room that they had been in the last time they had been there.  This time they where prepared for when the machinery came to take the pendant and they simply let it take it.  Colt went up to a computer monitor set in the wall.  She put her hand on the screen and a keyboard popped out of the wall.  She typed away for a while and then stepped back.

“Here’s the info you need.”  Colt said.

Holly and Genki came up to the monitor and looked at it.

“Well it doesn’t say how to use the abilities but it does list them.”  Holly said.

Colt got out her notebook.  “Tell me what they are.  I’ll write them down so we won’t have to stick around here to long.”

“No problem.”  Genki said and started listing them.  “Telekinesis, telepathy, accelerated healing/regeneration, and different ways to use the above listed powers such as mental domination, telekinetic blasts, shields, and regeneration of others.  You have those Colt?”

Colt pocketed her pen.  “Sure do, let’s get out of here.”

Everyone went outside after Holly retrieved her pendant, when they came outside they where blinded by the sunlight.  When everyone could see clearly again they went back to the camp.  They packed up everything that was not destroyed by the bomb.

“Do you have the information that you need?”  Jim asked as they began heading back to the river.

“Pretty much.”  Genki replied.

“Great, I’ll take you back to where you started at and then continue my supply route.”  Jim said.

“Lets stop at that town for the night and stay in a hotel this time, when we get there please?”  Holly asked.

“Everyone will have to pitch in on the room cost.”  Jim said as he turned toward the river.  “But we should be able to do that.”

 “Sounds good to me.  I would like to sleep in a bed again.”  Genki added.

“I’d love to join you guys back to your fathers but there’s something I have to do.”  Colt said.  “I’ll back to the river with you and then go on down river, but I think that I could meet you at Yosho’s house if you could show me where it is.”

Holly took out a map and marked a spot on it.  “This is where my fathers cabin is,” she said as she gave it to Colt.

“Thanks.”  Colt said as she folded the map and put it in her backpack.  Let’s get going.

They reached the river later that day, and set up camp, Holly and Genki tried the telekinetic blasts and shields but not the mental dominance or healing the due to the fact that they due to the fact that they had no willing volunteers.

The next day Genki once again attempted to push the boat, this time he succeeded in his endeavor.  They said good-bye to Colt and then traveled up river until they reached the spot where they had gotten off to go to the town where they had found colt, they made it there by nightfall.

“We’re finally here!”  Holly exclaimed happily, as she looked at the huge hotel they would be staying at.

They went in and got three rooms.  In the end Hare, Jim, and the Young Hare got one,  Suezo, Golem, and Tiger got another, and the third went to Holly, Genki, and Mocchi.
They met downstairs for dinner.  After they ate they went upstairs and played poker in the room Hare was staying in.  Hare won almost every time but despite Tigers accusations that he was cheating they couldn’t find anything wrong.  Around the second game Holly went of to bathe, when she came back Genki went and took one of his own.
When Genki came back everybody was finished playing and was going back to their rooms.

“Why did I bother coming back here?” Genki asked exasperated.

“Probably because you were planning to play some more poker.”  Holly replied.

“That would probably be it.”  Genki opened the door for Holly and Mocchi and then came in after them.

Holly went and happily jumped onto the bed the right.  “They’re really soft.”  She said as she bounced back and forth between the two beds.

“Chi!”  Mocchi exclaimed as it began bouncing between the two beds also.

Genki couldn’t help himself anymore.  “Wheee!”  He yelled with glee as he joined them.

They heard someone knocking on the wall as Suezo yelled, “Keep it down over there!!”

Genki stopped on the bed to the left while Holly and Mocchi stopped on the one on the right.  Genki looked over and saw Holly crawl beneath the sheets while Mocchi lay at the foot of her bed.  “That sucks.”  He thought to himself sulkily.

“Your jealous of Mocchi arntcha?”  Holly asked him telepathically.

“Not really, I mean kind of, umm, hehehe. . . ”  Genki stumbled lamely as he blushed furiously.

“That’s okay if you are, fact is I’d rather be sleeping with you.”  Holly said.

Genki’s heart leapt strangely.

“But what if the others walk in what do you think they would think?”  Holly asked.

“Well if we’re careful and get up early. . .”  Genki tried to argue.

“Then what’s the point?”  Holly asked.  “Anyway, we’ve been up a long time and we haven’t had a good nights sleep for most of the trip so I seriously doubt we would wake up early.

“But.”  Genki said almost involuntarily.

“Just get to sleep Genki.”  Holly said.

“Fine.”  Genki said with a hurt voice even though he knew that she had wanted to sleep together as much as he had.  He curled up under the blanket and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Genki was in a dark room, he was so cold, and he was lying on his side.  “Screw this.”  Someone thought in his head.  He got up and bumped his leg into something, there was a crash and an immense pain in his left calf, and he wanted to touch it and look at himself to check if he was himself, but he couldn’t control his own movements.

Genki came to drowsily, he never wanted to get out of bed.  He was warm and comfortable.  He moved closer to Holly and held her gently . . .

“Holly?!  Holly!?  Wake up.”  He gently shook her shoulder while calling to her telepathically.  Finally he received an answer.

“What’s wrong?”  She asked groggily.

“When did you sneak over into my bed?”  He asked her curiously.

“Oh, I’m in your bed.  All I remember is this weird dream where I get up in a cold dark room, bang my knee and move to another bed.  She replied.

He reached under the blanket and touched the leg he and bumped in his dream.  She winced as he did so.

“Well, maybe it wasn’t a dream after all.”  Holly said nervously.

“Especially since you said, “screw it” when you got out of bed and cussed a bunch when you banged you leg.”  He said.

“Ok, so I came over here on purpose but I was cold, and lonely, and you where over here.”  Holly replied.

Genki pulled her closer and held her next to himself gently.  “I was planning to do the same thing.”  He smiled  “But Mocchi stopped me.”  He kissed her on the fore head, then he put his hand behind her head, dug his fingers into her soft hair, pulled her head closer and kissed her on the mouth.  When they broke up the kiss he lay there holding her until he drifted off to sleep.


“Morning lovebirds!”  Hare said as he sat down on the side of their bed.  “Time to get up!”

Genki opened one eye.  “Hare, shut up and leave.”

“No” Hare said.  “I’m supposed to wake you up at nine, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“So it’s nine?”  Genki asked.  “In the morning?”

“Yep.”  Hare replied.

“To early.” Said Genki.  He picked Hare up using telekinesis and tossed him out the door and then used telekinesis to close the door.

Hare landed at the feet of five expectant monsters and one human.

“Any luck?”  Golem asked.

“Chi?”  Mocchi said questionably.

“None.”  Hare replied, he just tossed me out.

“It’s what I expected from you anyway.”  Tiger said.

“You’d never be able to wake up Holly or anyone else for the matter.”  Suezo added.

“Yeah!”  Hare shouted angrily.  “Well you try.”

“Sorry.”  Suezo said.  “I have a will to live.”

“Maybe if Jim were to go in, Genki respects Jim.”  Tiger suggested.

“No.”  Jim refused.  “It would be invading their privacy.  Let’s go set some breakfast and wait for them downstairs.”

Everyone agreed and followed him down the stairs, they had breakfast and returned just as Holly and Genki came down the stairs to go have their own breakfast.

“Morning guys!”  Genki said cheerfully as he walked by.  See you in half an hour.”

Everyone went upstairs to pack and then came back down.  Genki and Holly where waiting for them ready to go.

“Let’s get back to the boat by noon.”  Said Genki as he put on his blades.  He came up behind Holly and picked up, then he bladed ahead of them toward the river.

“He’s got a lot of energy.”  Said tiger, sweatdropping.

“So they probably slept the whole night, that’s a relief!”  Hare exclaimed.

“Good thing they didn’t hear that.”  Jim said.

“Why’s that?”  Hare asked.  All of the sudden he was lifted of his feet and went flying into the wall behind him so fast that it was hard to follow.

“You might have made then angry.”  Jim said, ignoring Hare as he walked on.

After that no one tried to make any jokes about Holly and Genki and they made fast progress making it back to the boat by noon.

They were about to push the boat into the water when Holly stopped them.  She pointed at the captain’s cabin and saw that there was a box leaning against it.

Jim shook his head.  “I didn’t leave it there.”

Holly picked it up using her telekinesis, it reached the water and Genki hit it with a weak telekinetic blast.  The bomb blew up with a hug explosion showering everyone in the immediate area with water.

“Touch sensitive bomb, guess they wanted to make sure we where on the boat when it blew up.”  Jim said.

“Yeah, but who’s been setting them?”  Genki wondered.

“Obviously someone who wants to kill us.”  Holly said then she all of the sudden created a shield around herself and Genki, a knife hit it in front of Genki face a fell to the ground.
Genki looked up into the trees angrily to see someone jumping away from branch to branch.  Genki picked the man up and pulled him back to the clearing, when the man reached the ground, Holly and Genki went up to him and tied him up.

“That would probably be the person who was setting up the bombs.”  Genki stated.

“Jim walked over and looked down at the man.  “I would think so.”  He said.

Holly walked up to Genki, put her arm around his shoulder and leaned against him.  “Well Genki,” she said, “at least we can practice mental domination, after all we need top know what his mission was and who sent him.

“We’ll work on him on the boat.”  Genki said as he went to help push it in.

After the boat had been put in they got everyone on they started working on the assassin.  It turned out that the evil version of Yosho had sent him to kill Genki and bring Holly back to him.  When they where finished with the assassin they tied him up and dumped him on the shore and then continued on the way home.


Our assassin “friend” was lying on the shore, night was starting to fall, crickets chirping, frogs croaking, the wind gently blowing through the leaves, as it became darker our “friend,” lets call him Broom Hilda, just because it is the name of my pet Vine.  (I have a cactus named Edward to.)  Anyway, Broom Hilda was lying on his side on the riverbank getting increasingly more agitated when all of the sudden a man appeared out of nowhere.

“Hold still!”  He said in a menacing voice.  The man put his hand on Broom Hilda’s forehead and sat there for a while.  A few minuets later he spoke darkly.

“You have failed me, both as a spy and as a assassin, you almost killed my daughter twice, and I have none of the information that I needed.  You disappoint me.”

Broom Hilda’s screams echoed through the night, then silence ensued.


“I wonder whatever happened to that guy that tried to kill me?”  Asked Genki as he leaned back against a tree with his arms behind his head.

“Why would that matter to you?”  Asked Jim.

“I have never been responsible for anyone’s death before and I hope not to be, even if he tried to kill me.”  Genki replied.

“Well,” Jim said as he pulled a foldable chair up and sat in front of Genki, “I have seen the things that are happening, and if you are to stop the minions of Moo’s evil you will have to fight and probably kill someone.”

“I don’t want to have to.”  Genki said.

“It’s war Genki, people die in wars, you’re going to have to face that.”  Jim replied.

“I know.”  Genki said sadly.

Jim got up out of the chair and went to start a fire and make some food.  “Take advantage of the happy days you have Genki, you never know when they will be over.”  He called over his shoulder.

“You’re right, but then again it’s not the first thing you’ve been right about.”  Genki said.
He smiled wistfully looking over at Holly.

“You told her?”  Jim asked.

“Yes.”  Said Genki.

That’s good, I don’t think that the two of you can afford to hide things from each other.”
Jim turned around and got back to work as everyone else continued their routine.


Genki’s eyes shot open, something was wrong.  He ran over to Holly’s sleeping bag she was still there, she was sleeping and had an annoyed looking frown on her face, she muttered some thing in her sleep.  Genki shook her until she woke up.

“Something is wrong.”  He said as she opened her eyes.  “Did you feel something?”

“No.”  Said Holly groggily as she sat up.

All of the sudden both of them stood up straight as someone tried to get into their minds.
Genki threw up a shield around Holly’s mind.

“GET OUT” He screamed telepathically.  There was a shout and a crash as someone fell out of a tree.  Everyone was up in an instant searching for the origin of the disturbance.

“Look at this!”  Hare screamed.

Everyone gathered around, there was a trampled spot on the soil and blood on the ground upon closer inspection.  There was no sign of the intruder.  After getting volunteers to watch for intruders during the night everyone except for the watch went to sleep.


He touched his ear, there was still blood leaking out of it, he had gotten sloppy.  That’s what came from trying something without being well enough informed.  He had underestimated their abilities.  He crept closer to the camp.  There was a Tiger watching carefully so he had to stay farther away then he would have liked.  He went into a tree so he could get a good view of the whole camp.  He looked down and saw that Genki’s sleeping bag was empty, he started nervously and a twig fell to the ground.

Tiger looked up alertly but saw nothing wrong.  He sat down and continued watching.

He sighed with relief he hadn’t been seen.  He looked back down he continued scanning the camp.  There was Holly, and Genki.  He frowned, they were sharing a sleeping bag.  He tried to look into Holly’s mind but was immediately blocked by Genki and Holly’s combined defense.  He pulled back, they didn’t seem to have really noticed him.  He tried again this time more carefully, he could not sense where her mind ended and his began.

“So their minds are fused.”  He muttered to himself.

He went back to work.  He looked for a weakness in their defense, he found one and tried to break in, he saw Genki move.  He looked closer and saw that Genki was frowning in his sleep.  Genki pulled Holly closer to himself, Holly readjusted her arms so that her hands where under her head and continued sleeping.

Tiger looked up, he had been hearing a lot of noise, he listened carefully, nothing.  He lay down and continued watching carefully.

“You’re getting sloppy.”  He thought to himself.  “They have progressed farther and faster than I thought, if I can break through their defenses I can see just how far, they have come.”  He went to the weak point he had found, he worked at it gently, steadily, slowly.  He finally broke through.  He gasped, joy flooded his mind, and pure, innocent love.  He felt deeper and found a tinge of sadness, he saw himself, only not himself.  The person he saw looked like him but had a completely different personality.  “This is who she considers her father.”  He thought to himself.

Holly stirred uncomfortably below, Genki dug his fingers into her hair and pulled her closer.  She smiled and settled down.

He started, he had found their power, it was immense.  He had definitely underestimated them.  He also knew that he could not get rid of Genki and take Holly back, his death would destroy her completely.  He looked down angrily.

“Good-bye daughter.”  He said and teleported away.

He was looking out of the window, with a glass of wine in his hand, he stared at the stereotypical moat around his cliched fort.  Why was he feeling so strange, he had found memories he didn’t know he had.  He crushed the wineglass in his hand, he winced as he felt the broken glass cut into his palm.  He looked down at his bleeding hand, the pain reminded of his humanity, then as he watched his hand healed beneath his eyes.  He closed his hand, there was no pain anymore.  The door opened behind him.

“Excuse me sir.  There is a representative of a local city state here to see you.”  A servant said as he bowed to him.

“Tell him I will be right down.”  He replied.  He sighed and turned around.  He swept down the stairs, he saw a squat man at the bottom of the stairs.

“Greetings sir.”  Said the man.  “We would like to offer you our full support in your campaign.”

“Thank you.”  He said.  “We appreciate your help.”

“Only humans deserve to inhabit this planet.  We are superior.”   The fat man grinned.

He smiled and went back upstairs, he looked disgustedly down the stairs and then ran and emptied the contents of his stomach into.   “How could I do these things, encourage these people like this.  I have to stop them before it gets to far.”  He heard a sound behind him.

“You are a traitor to our cause, you must die.”  Said a voice behind him.  He was hit in the back of the head and everything went black.

He felt pain, large amounts of it.  He heard shouting and jeering.  He heard chants of “Traitor” then he felt a pain in his stomach, over and over until his healing abilities could not keep up, the bonds that held him snapped as a evil escaped him.  His blindfold slipped off and he saw the squat man from the fort grinning merrily at him as the power that had left him entered him.  He looked down, his insides where escaping through his stomach.  He heard a whistling sound, the last thing he saw was the blade that parted his head from his shoulders.


Holly stiffened and fainted, Genki saw the vision that she had and barely caught her.  A wave of nausea over swept him.  He lay Holly down as gently as possible and ran to the side of the boat gagging.  He leaned over the edge until the dry heaves subsided.  He had seen Yosho disemboweled and decapitated in front of a cheering crowd.  He went to Holly’s side and revived her with water from the river.  She burst out in tear as he held her.  The others came to see what was wrong but neither of them had recovered from the morbid vision they had seen.  Genki recovered first, he helped Holly up as he got up himself.  She smiled wanly and thanked him.  They went and sat down and told the others what they had seen.

“That’s very strange.”  Hare said as he paced around.  “I think that we should get home as soon as possible.”

Jim nodded in agreement, all of the sudden the baby hare that accompanied Jim everywhere cried out a warning of rocks ahead.  Everyone rushed to their stations to defend the boat.  After a long battle with the rocks and current they finally made it to deep open water, and continued their Journey.


Yosho looked up in shock. He had seen a vision of his own death or the death of his counterpart.   He was working on clearing some land and turning it into a garden he could use next year.  He continued his work grimly hoping His daughter and her friends would come back soon.


Jim grinned.  After five weeks of travel they were finally back where they had finally done what they needed to do and returned home.  He looked ahead, once he dropped them off he would continue his supply route.  The others where lagging behind, all of the sudden Holly burst ahead running happily toward the cabin which her father called home.
Her father who was working in the back of the cabin on his garden ran to the front when he heard the commotion and embraced his daughter in a bear hug as she finally reached him.

“Your alive.”  Holly said happily.  She pulled away and stepped back as the others finally made it to the cabin.  Genki walked up and looked at Yosho carefully.

“You’re definitely not the man we saw killed in our vision.”  Genki said slowly.

“No.”  Said Yosho.  “It was my counterpart killed.  Apparently Moo left too much of his memory complete.  He threw off Moo’s control when he saw what he was doing and the power it gave him left him, my counterpart sent me all of the information before he died.  You probably saw some of that.”

“I thought that you didn’t have any of the abilities we have.  Why were you able to pick up the message and why was he able to send it?”  Genki asked.

“I may not be psychic but I am very receptive to telepathy.  As for my counterpart, Moo enhanced his mind and body so that he could use the abilities that I can’t.”  Yosho replied.

“Oh.”  Said Genki.  He looked around and saw that he and Yosho where the only people outside.  Hare opened the door and looked out.

“Come in guys!”  Hare shouted.  “We’re making some food.”

Genki went inside followed by Yosho they ate and then discussed the information they had found, and their journey leaving out a few parts.  After they were finished with that Jim and the young Hare left and continued their supply route, and the people remaining at the cabin played a few card games while Genki went to help Yosho make a garden.  Eventually Golem came and also helped.  They finished a large section by dusk and went back inside tired and sore.  They ate and then prepared for bed.

Genki crawled into the bottom bunk as Mocchi climbed into the top.  He winced as another muscle complained.  He stared, not only did his body ache, his mind felt numb.  Never before had he used telekinesis that much and that long.  He had been ripping large rocks out of the soil and moving them to border the garden all day, he hadn’t known how strenuous shoveling dirt could be either.  Someone lifted the blanket, and he felt someone begin to gently massage his back, arms and shoulder.

“Hi Holly.”  Genki said as she continued on his left shoulder.  “You should get to sleep.”

“I know.”  She smiled.  “But I don’t feel tired.”

“I feel exhausted.”  Genki said as Holly moved on to his lower back, when she was finished with that he slid back against the wall that the bunk was pushed up against.
He lifted the blanket and pulled Holly underneath it.

“I love you.”  He told her telepathically.

 “Love you to.”  Holly replied snuggling closer to him.

“I don’t care how often, but it will always make me happy when you say that.”  Genki said.

“Same here.”  Said Holly.

He held her gently and eventually drifted off to sleep.


Holly felt sunshine on her face.  She opened her eyes and saw Genki’s sleeping face in front of hers.  She smiled happily and gently touched his cheek, Genki’s mouth twitched and he moved his hand to cover hers.  “How long have you been awake?”  She whispered to him.

“Around an hour.”  He replied quietly.
She grinned.  “Aren’t you going to get up to help father?”  She asked.

“We finished most of it yesterday so I really wouldn’t have to do much of anything.”  He smiled jokingly.  “But if you insist I leave no problem.”  He acted as if he where getting up only to be pulled back down by Holly.

“Don’t leave yet.”  She said, mock pleading.  “You owe me a good morning kiss.”

Genki smiled and kissed her, they heard someone in the doorway clear his throat.  Genki kissed her just a bit longer and then looked up to find Yosho in the doorway.

“Morning lovebirds!”  Yosho said cheerfully.

“Good morning father.”  Holly replied.  Holly and Genki walked band Yosho started to say something.

“We haven’t done anything like that.”  Holly said.  Her father started saying something else.

“We aren’t going to either.”  Genki added. As they continued walking.

“Okay.”  Said Yosho surprised at their immediate response.

He followed them to the kitchen where they ate breakfast.  After that they went outside to lift the last boulder which was also the largest.  Genki and Holly agreed it would be a good time to practice telekinesis, psychic shielding, and telekinetic blast.  Genki and Holly both poured power into a shield around them and then concentrated on lifting it.


Kato had been traveling for a year with the tainted cat brothers.  He did not know why but he looked up just in time to see a huge boulder fly into the sky and explode, he ran to the place it where floating above followed closely by the tainted cat brothers.  He reached a clearing with a cabin and a garden, he saw two people standing in the clearing surrounded by a transparent barrier that was absorbing the impact of the rocks and putting down at the bottom of the shield.  He stared closer.  He recognized them.  It was Holly and Genki!  He saw the shield come down and went to greet them.  Holly looked up and saw them, she must have said something because Genki turned around.

“Hi Kato, tainted cat brothers.”  He said without looking up.  “Why are you here?”  Genki asked a he bent down to pick up a shard of rock.

“we where escaping a platoon of the cleansing.”  Replied Kato.

“Is that the group that is trying to rid the world of monsters?”  Asked Holly.

“Yes.”  Said one of the tainted cat brothers gravely.

“They have been pursuing us because we pose a threat to them.”  The other continued.

Yosho came out of the cabin.  “I will shelter you until they pass.”  He said while holding the door open for everyone to pass though.

After everyone entered the cabin.  They discussed what had happened and they learned that the counterpart of Yosho had been executed as a traitor a few days ago.  They also learned that the new leader was named Edward and possessed the same abilities the old leader had.  They were going to eat a quick lunch when there was a knock on the door.  Genki went and opened it.  A young man around his age was standing there with a message.

“I am here as a representative of the cleansing.  We who have taken it upon ourselves to clean the earth so that Humans, who are the superior race may live without the monsters which now also inhabit the earth.  We will commandeer any equipment, which we find necessary to our venture, I and three other men will come and search your property for vital supplies.”  The man turned around and left.

Genki thought about capturing him but was stopped by Kato.

“Wait until he comes back.”  Kato said.

Genki nodded and went back inside.

Jim, Genki, and Holly waited by the door while Kato and the tainted cat brothers hid and prepared to ambush the men in case they could not be convinced to leave.  After a few minuets of waiting the man returned.

Jim opened the door.

“I am sorry but we cannot give you anything, we have no supplies to spare.”  Said Yosho.

“That is fine.  The leader of the group said.  “Send your son and daughter with us.  We need more fighters and we can always use another servant, anyway morale is low so your daughter would be well received.”

Genki looked at the smiling soldier completely, eaten up by a fury, which had started at the pit of his stomach and consumed his whole being.  He raised his hand and said menacingly, I would not serve your disgusting army or let you take her from me!”  He smiled grimly.  “You will die if you and your entire army do not leave.”

“First, I don’t have control over what the army does second, what are you going to do about it.”  The cocky soldier smirked.
“This!!!”  Genki screamed as he released a huge telekinetic blast causing the soldiers in front of him to fly backwards, the trees in front of the cabin became splinters floating in the air as the force swept over them.  The hill behind them became level land as the shockwave he had created traveled across the plains and swept through the enemy camp.
When it dissipated there were no structures standing for half a mile in front of the cabin, at a width starting at 100 yards but slowly increasing until a quarter of a mile wide.  The remaining soldiers that where still alive lay on the ground stunned.

Holly looked at the destruction, she did not want to do things like that she thought looking at Genki who was crying gently, she could feel waves of guilt coming from him.  She would not use her abilities for destruction but for defense and for healing.

“You must learn to control your power.”  Said Kato as he came up behind them.

“Teach me.”  Said Genki as he knelt down on the ground still in shock at the destruction he had caused.

“Me also.”  Said Holly.  She did not want to destroy. But she knew she would have to be disciplined in her power.

“Very well.”  Kato said.

End of chapter.

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Next chapter: Training and Discipline- Genki and Holly train under Kato and the tainted cat brothers in order learn to learn to control their powers.