Takaishi Takeru 

8 years old

Crest of Hope

Very uninteresting little boy who plays a very important part in the plot (Having the most powerful partner for combating the forces of evil, how I hate that word, evil).  Is the younger brother of Yamato, the rebel.  Is yet devoid of anything resembling a personality.  What do you expect, he's a little kid.  Not that the rest aren't, but Tekeru is still a squealer.



In training:  Tokomon
Rookie:     Patamon
Champion:  Angemon 
Ultimate:     Holy Angemon 
Mega:         Seraphimon

If Takeru is the little kid, this guy is the baby.  He sounds, acts, thinks, etc like a baby.  Unless he turns into his ass kicking mode.  Not that it ever happens.  Not very interesting but projectile vomitingly cute.  Has many unused "evil" more interesting evolutions, and some interesting "good" ones. (Dukemon Crimson mode, I drool)