Name:  Takenouchi Sora 

11 Years

Crest of Love

The Jock /Prep

This is one of the characters that doesn't really fit any stereotype that well, and I congrtulate her for that.  Unfortunatly upon closer examination, her personality is by no means orgiginal, but merely a interesting blend between the Jock and surprisingly the rebel stereotypes.  She still fits into the Breakfast club scheme of things.

Once again a token role.  Not very important.


In training:  Yokomon
Rookie:     Biyomon
Champion:  Birdramon 
Ultimate:     Garudamon 
Mega:         Phoenixmon

Wow, and I thought other characters were boring.  This one puts prety much everything to shame.  It doesn't even have cuteness to make up for its lack of personality.  A bit of a pity really, these two characters could possibly have been interesting if given more important roles in the plot.