Lee Jenrya 

10 Years

Is part of a rather large family, has many sisters and one brother.  His father is chinese and his mother Japanese.  Unlike most anime characters Jenrya actually resembles his nationality.

Though he tries to hide it at the beginning of the show Jenrya know what to do in a fight, as does Terriermon.  Tamer and digimon are very alike in this case, though both deny it vehemently.

If it weren't for Jenrya, Ruki would have killed Takato and Guilmon before the show reached the third episode.  Among his other duties as a tamer Jenrya is also the voice of reason of the whole group, not an easy task, but someone has to do it.

Jenrya is a computer nerd, but the fit cool type.  His room is stuffed with computer eqipment and he knows how to use it.  He is the person you don't want to diss in a chatroom, cause if you do you're going down (On the internet and in real life.)


Rookie:      Terriermon
Champion:  Galgomon
Ultimate:     Rapidmon 
Mega:         Saint Galgomon

Terriermon was part of a game that Jenrya was given by his father, wanting the game to be more fun Jenrya picked Terriermon and set forth.  He soon noticed however that the game was doing things on its own.  When his Gorillamon goes on a rampage Jenrya uses Terriermon to stop im, in the fight Terriermon digivolves to Galgomon and beats Gorillamon, but is hurt badly in the fight.  Jenrya is upset that Terriermon is badly hurt and on the verge of death and somehow pulls a blue card, he swipes it into the scanner, which becomes a digivice, and Terriermon is pulled into the real world.

Terriermon like to make sarcastic comments and he like to fight.  A good combanation since one will often lead to the other, Jenrya usually tries to stop Terriermon from getting into to much trouble.

for a big part of the show Terriermon is Shuichon's plaything, this is one of the funniest parts of the show, ranking at the top along with Takato's behavior around Juri and vice versa.  If you haven't already done so download the duet between Shuichon and Terriermon, it is really funny.