Inoue Miyako


Love, Sincerity

Miyako has an extensive family, but they are never really a part of the plot like the parents of most of the other children.  The thing that is known is that they run a grocery store.

Miyako seemed to be a twofer, a replacement for both Koushiro and Mimi, or more precisely the smart aleck geek and the self absorbed valley girl all in one.  However, just as the first impressions of Mimi and Koushiro turned out to be inaccurate, as was the first impression of Miyako. 

At the beginning of the show Miyako is the person you would never want to be trapped on a desert island with:  overly talkative, smart but shallow, boy crazy, and squeamish/idealistic.  At the end of the show this hasn't changed much but at least she's a bit more mature.

Now that the negative has been covered how bout the positive?  Miyako is compassionate, outspoken, intelligent, and determined.  I know, "aren't those pretty much the same things as the negative aspects of her personality?"  Yes, but on the opposite side of the spectrum.  What can make her annoying at times also makes her a strong person and an important member of the new digidestined.


In Training:   Poyomon 
Rookie:        Hawkmon
Champion:    Aquilamon
Ultimate:       Sylphimon
Mega:           ?mon
Egg:              Horsumon, Shurimon

Hawkmon is a first, a partner of the opposite gender.  Does that change much of anything?  No, because in all his other forms (except for one) he is female.  When Hawkmon, he is chivalrous and polite toward Miyako but a bit more distant than the other digimon are to their partners.

Most digimon do not go through drastic changes with digievolution other than in form.  Hawkmon however is once again an exception, his rookie form is different from his others, not just in body but also in personality.  The only other form of Hawkmon that behaves remotely like he does is Shurimon.