Matsuda Takato

10 years 

Takato lives in Shinjuku with both his parents in an apartment over a bakery run by the family.  He is an only child.

Takato is very bright, artistically talented, and a bit (overly) sensitive.  Takato plays the role of the goggleboy, even though he acts little like the previous goggleboys.  He is the heart of the team, keeping everyone motivated and united.  Takato is in trouble often because of his tendency to daydream and draw in class.

Everyone has a streak of psycho in them, as does Takato, a major one.  In him it is fifty mters deep and a mile wide (hehe, get it?).  He loses it after leomon dies and unleashes Megidramon.

Takato has an obvious crush on Juri Katou and will start displaying various involuntary signs of his crush whenever he is around her.  Sometimes he blushes, other times he says something stupid or becomes clumsy, and sometimes he simply shows a bit more concern than necessary.  Or even all three.  In addition to the crush Takato is also good friends with Juri and will confide to her his worries.


Rookie:      Guilmon
Champion:  Growmon (Growlmon en)
Ultimate:     Magalo Growmon (Wargrowlmon en) 
Mega:         Dukemon, Megidramon
Mode:         Dukemon Crimson Mode 

Takato found a blue card and swiped it, which transformed the reader into a digivice, but didn't give him a digimon.  Takato spends the rest of the day thinking about this and decides to swipe a digimon he drew, along with information about it into his digivice.  It jams but as he walks out the door the papers are pulled through and scanned one by one.  Afterward he now has a digiegg.  After a day or so it hatches and he goes to find his digimon, which he does.

Guilmon is a good-natured glutton who loves few things more than he loves his food.  Imagine his disappointment at realizing that eating, one of his favorite things, is unnecessary in the digital world.

Guilmon, among other things is powerful.  He is a virus, but it doesn't show until he hits Megidramon.  Once he does though, he is something to be dealt with.