Part 1- Questions and Reunions

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Genki stared at his food he just wasn’t hungry. He would have given anything for one of his mother’s
home cooked meals just a couple of days ago. He missed his friends Holly, Moushi, Golem, Tiger of
the Winds, Hare, even Suezo. He had wanted to go home but now he was home sick for the world
he had left, he didn’t want to be here, sure he had friends here and his family was here but he just felt
empty inside. Genki excused himself and quickly went to his room. He jumped onto his bed and lay
there staring at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong with me, I should be happy, sure I was happy for a while
but now I just feel empty.” He slowly dozed off.

“Genki!” He woke up with a jolt, or so he thought.  “Genki!” It was Holly, but it couldn’t be, he was back in the old world and she was still, his mind came up with a blank, where was she anyway? “Genki!” He opened his eyes and saw Holly; She was kneeling on the ground crying. He stared and tried to go to comfort her but then he noticed he couldn’t move he tried again desperate to be able to move. “Help!” All of the sudden he was in a black void, only one thing entered his mind, he wanted to go back, but he knew he couldn’t. He heard a voice. “Have you tried to come back?”

Then he woke up in a cold sweat, he looked at his alarm clock. Only two hours had passed since he had retreated to his room. He looked back up at the ceiling and thought about the dream he had dreamt, he noticed that he had felt a longing when he saw Holly kneeling on the ground crying and he could identify with her feelings. In the course of half an hour she had lost all her friends. Suezo, Moushi, Hare, Tiger of the winds, and Golem had all been killed and he had simply disappeared. He knew he had to get back’ but how? Then he remembered what the voice in his dream had said and what Holly had told him while he was at the junkyard. Now he knew what he had to do, he would prepare for a long journey and then he would come up here and use the same technique he had used to meld Hare, Tiger, Golem, Suezo, and Moushi, with the Phoenix to find a way back. With that resolve he went and started to pack.


He had packed, two lighters, a box of matches, a collapsible bucket, a outdoor cooking kit, a
folding shovel, a weeks worth of food, a sleeping bag, a water purifier, a book of edible plants, a
folding fishing rod and tackle, a cloak with a hood, some more clothes, a camping knife and Swiss
army knife, some items needed to maintain his hygiene, and his blades. He put all this in a large back
pack, except for the cloak, which he wore and went to his room wrote a good-bye letter to his
mom, and sat cross legged on the floor, he closed his eyes and started to concentrate, he saw a light,
he opened his eyes and saw that he was glowing suddenly there was a bright light and then only


Genki felt sore all over, for a second he was afraid to open his eyes. When he opened his eyes he
saw that he was in a meadow with short grass and many flowers, beside him was the beginning of a
path, in front of him was a forest with many oaks, willows, maples, and other deciduous trees. A bit
in front of him to the left of the path was a large boulder that was slowly beginning to crumble and
had flowers and grass growing on it. He got up and something fell off of his cloak, he looked at it, it
was Holly’s magic pendant! His heart leapt, he was for sure that it had been destroyed when Moo
dissolved it. Why was it here? He put it around his neck and started down the path.


Genki had been walking for a while, he wasn’t sure how long, one of the things that he forgotten to
pack was a watch. Oh well, too late for that, wasn’t like it would have done him any good after the
battery ran out. The path seemed pretty straight and level, so he stopped to put on his blades. After
he got them on he continued at a much faster pace. The scenery wasn’t changing much when
suddenly the forest thinned out and he came out at the edge of a town he saw a sign that said it was
called Junt. There weren’t many people around. After he came into the town a bit he started seeing
more people. He went into a store he saw at the side of the road where he got a compass, a map,
and a canteen. He decided it was a good time to ask a couple of questions. He came up to the man
stocking the shelves.

“Excuse me, how long has it been since Moo was defeated?’

“Around a month, Why?”

“I just lost track of time. Have you seen or heard of a girl named Holly or a Pixie traveling with a squadron of dragons?”

“I don’t know anything about a girl named Holly but I saw a Pixie traveling west to a town where I heard that a Moushi fell from the sky.”

“Could you show me the road that leads to the town where the Moushi fell from the sky?” “No problem.”
They walked to the other end of town. When they reached the edge of town they came to a dirt and gravel road.

“Take this road until it forks, then take a left, that will take you to Hermburg, that’s the name of the
town where the Moushi appeared.”


“Good Bye”

“Bye” With that Genki turned around and headed towards Hermburg.


Genki had been walking for hours when he spotted a cart with a broken wheel. The driver was
sitting on the ground leaning on the Baku, which had been pulling it.

“Need some help?” Asked Genki.

“Sure could, my wheel snapped, and I’ve been stuck here.”

“Okay I’ll help you.” Both of them went to work and an hour later the wheel was fixed and the cart was ready to go again.

“Are you headed to Hermburg?”

“No, I’m headed to Cammor.” the cart driver replied, “but if that’s where you’re headed I’ll be happy to drop you off at the fork that’s halfway there.”


Two hours later they arrived at the fork. Genki got off of the cart. “You’re halfway to Hermburg
now, it should only be a day or so before you arrive there.”

“Thanks, see you later!”


Genki went a bit further and then set up camp as the sun started to sink low in the sky. As he sat by the fire and ate his supper he heard a whoosh and saw something land behind him. He turned around and saw Pixie and Moushi.

“Moushi!” Yelled Genki as he ran up to Moushi and hugged him.


“I thought that you were dead!”

“I thought so to but I woke up on the ground a bit from here. The major and his family took care of me. Then Pixie picked me up.”

“Great! Pixie do you know where the others are?”

“Only Suezo.”

“What about Holly?”


“Do you know how it is that Moushi is still alive?”

“Well apparently when the Phoenix and the Moo destroyed themselves they rectified as
much of the damage they had caused as possible, the five monsters that had melded with the Phoenix
where restored and dropped at various places. The same with Moo the body and mind he took
control of to regain his power were restored and put somewhere. We where searching for Holly’s
father and the rest of the five when we ran into you. How did you get here?”

“When I got back home I had a dream where I saw Holly and I had a feeling that I just had to return. I packed and then went into a trance like I was in when I had to assist Moushi, Hare, Golem, Suezo, and Tiger of the Winds to meld with the Phoenix. I saw a bright light and then everything went black. When I woke up I was in a meadow at the beginning of a path with Holly’s Magic pendant on my cloak. What you told me explains how I got it back after it was dissolved.”

“That’s cool,” said Moushi,

‘Maybe we can use it to find the others.”

“Well we can try.” Said Genki. “Let’s sleep here tonight and start searching for the other tomorrow”

“Good idea Pixie. Good night everyone!”

“Genki!” He was having the dream again. “Genki!” He opened his eyes and saw Holly crying. Like
always he tried to go comfort her but he still couldn’t move. This time something different happened
though. Holly’s father came to her when all of the sudden A crowd of people came rushing toward
them and dragged away Holly’s father. Then he woke up, it wasn’t morning yet and there where still
a couple of hours left before daylight, so he went back to sleep, the rest of the night was uneventful.
He woke up with a cramp in the small of his back. He had forgotten about that aspect of traveling
large distances on foot and sleeping outside in a sleeping bag. Genki got out of his sleeping bag and
saw everyone else was already up.

“Morning, sleepyhead!”

“Morning Moushi!” He made some breakfast and then everybody ate. Then they prepared to leave.

“Pixie could you carry Moushi overhead and I’ll blade underneath you.”

“No I think it would be safer if you were to take Moushi.”

“What do you think Moushi?”

“I want to go with Genki.”

“Okay, where are we headed Pixie?”

“I was thinking that we should go to Cammor, Suezo showed up there the way Moushi did in

“Isn’t that the where the right fork leads?”


“Great, then I know exactly where to go, Moushi hop on too my back, you’re gonna have to ride piggyback on the way there.”


“Pixie, could you carry my backpack?”


After everything was set they headed off to Cammor.

Genki collapsed onto the ground as pixie landed a few feet in front of him. They had made great time
that day, and where around half way to Cammor. They set up camp and Genki began cooking

“I wonder if I can use the magic stone to help find Holly and the others.”

“Not sure.”  Replied Pixie.  “You won’t know unless you try.”

“Good point.” Genki pulled the pendant out from under his shirt and started concentrating, the pendant rose into the air and started glowing.

“What now?”

“Try thinking of someone that you want to find.”

“Okay Moushi.” He thought about who he would like to find and decided on Holly, he started concentrating, thinking about her, slowly the stone moved to the right and came to rest pointing south-east. “That’s where Holly is, lets try for Golem.” Genki repeated the process with Golem, Hare, Suezo, and Tiger. With all of them it continued pointing the direction that it did with Holly except for Suezo whereas it pointed parallel to the path.

“Well guys, I think that we should get Suezo and then go after Holly and the others.”

“Good idea.” Said Pixie.

“Chi!” Moushi chimed in. “Great, the foods ready so lets eat and then get to bed.

They were on the road again, it was noon, and everyone was silent. Genki was thinking about the
nightmare he had been having and had had again last night. This time it had changed again. Like usual
Holly had been crying, only this time when her father came he had the Pendant sign branded on his
arm and the mob of people was following him. Holly had cried out for that her father stop, then he
had woken up. They were about to stop for lunch when they ran into Suezo.

“Hi Suezo!”

“Hiya Genki!  Where you headed?”

“I was going to go get Moushi from Hermburg, but I see that you already got him.”
“Yeah, I was going to find you and then go after Holly and the others, since I’ve
found you I might as well check on where Holly is.”

“How ye gonna do that”

“I got the magic stone when I came back to this world.” Genki took out the Magic stone and used it to search for Holly. She was straight to his right. “We have to go East to catch up to them.”


“Oh, did I forget to tell you, the others are with Holly. Anyway before we set off lets have some lunch.”

“Sounds good to me.”  Said pixie. They made lunch and ate before setting off and traveling two hours before stopping for the night. Genki had the nightmare again only this time Holly’s father was nice at first and then became bad. The next day was uneventful, and they traveled a large distance. The Direction towards the others did not change, but no one knew how far away from the others they were. That night Genki’s nightmare did not change but stayed the same. The next day they finally found the others. It was early in the morning and they were travelling across a hilly landscape with a light green grass and gently blooming flowers when Moushi spotted some people up ahead. Genki saw that it was Hare, Golem, Tiger, and Holly. Overjoyed he ran ahead shouting, Holly looked up and started running toward them, Holly and Genki met as the others approached them from both sides, Genki swept Holly into his arms and held her close as she put her arms around him. “Genki, I thought you were dead, you fell off of the dragon and disappeared. I thought I would never see you again!”

“I was taken back home to my own world. I couldn’t stand it with out you and the rest of my
friends so I did everything I could to come back and I made it. As soon as I had everything I needed
I started looking for you and the others. I’m so glad that I finally found you!”

“Hi Genki!” Hare said as he came up to the hugging couple.

“Glad to be back with Holly?”

“I am glad to see you back.”  Said Golem sitting down and picking up Moushi. Tiger walked up to Holly and Genki and said, “Welcome back Genki, we all have missed you.” Genki released Holly and took her Hand in his.

“It’s great to see you guys again, I’ve spent a lot of time searching for you.” He puts one of his hands
inside his shirt and pulls out the pendant. He places the pendant around her neck.

“Would have been a lot harder if it hadn’t been for Holly’s pendant. I don’t know how I got it but it really helped me find you.”

Pixie prepares to fly away. “Hey Pixie wait!”

“What Genki?”

“I was thinking we should celebrate that we have all found each other, you really helped I think that you should be here.”
“I don’t want to intrude, I owed you a favor.”

“You wouldn’t be intruding,” Holly said, “we would really like it if you stayed for a bit.”

“Yeah!” Everyone agreed.

“Ok,” Pixie said, “but I have to leave tomorrow."

“No problem.” Said Hare.

“Well, lets start getting some food ready!” Suezo exclaimed.

Holly stared at the food that they had spent so much time making. The celebration was almost over
and she had hardly eaten anything. She just couldn’t believe that Genki was back. She had missed
him so much, when he fell off of the dragon she had been sure he was dead. She had had horrible
nightmares whereas he would come to her in his dreams and blame her for his death. They never did
find his body though he had just disappeared. She looked into the fire, she was mesmerized by the
gently dancing flames, she couldn’t understand why Genki’s death had bothered her so much more
than the deaths of her other five friends. It was probably partially that Genki’s death had been
sudden and unexpected so there was a bigger shock, however when Moushi, Hare, Suezo, Golem,
and Tiger had given up their lives to defeat moo it had made her sad, when Genki had disappeared
she had just felt empty and lonely as if life had no meaning. That still didn’t explain why losing Genki
had been so different. She felt someone touch her shoulder, she instinctively knew it was Genki.

“You seem upset Holly, you’ve hardly eaten at all and you’ve just been sitting here looking at the fire
the entire time.”
She turned around and looked up at him, he took a seat beside her on the log she
had been sitting on.

“Could you tell me what’s wrong?”
“When I lost the other five I was really sad, and when I lost you to I felt empty and without purpose. When I found out that I could go find Dad,  Hare, Suezo, Moushi, Tiger, and Golem, I didn’t feel as sad but I still felt like I had no purpose and was just walking in a horrible dream. The only time that feeling went away was when I first saw you running down that hill to meet me. I feel happy now but I feel really sad to and I have no Idea why.

Genki put his arm around Holly’s should, not sure of what else to do, Holly leaned into him and put
her arms around him. He started running his fingers through her hair, not sure what to tell her. He
remembered what he had gone through in the last couple of months. Then he decided to just talk to
her about things that had happened to him after Moo had been defeated. “I know how you feel,
when I got back to my world I felt depressed and like life wasn’t really worth living. On the way
home I went through a junkyard where I had a vision of you and the others, and you told me to
cheer up and not worry about you the others and your world and be happy that I was back to my
own world. I was happy for about a three days and then I made a realization. I felt like a
sleepwalker, I was completely detached from what was happening. I finally saw that I was nothing
without my friends and most importantly, without you. I kept having these dreams about you where
you were crying and I really wanted to help you and I just couldn’t move and at the end of one of
those dreams I discovered an important fact. I had not tried to come back. I got ready for a long
trip, and then I just concentrated and showed up in this world. I started looking for you and found
Moushi and Suezo. When I actually found you it was different then when I found the others. I guess
it’s just all the emotions catching up with me cause now I feel horrible.”

“I guess it is probably the same with me.”
“Maybe we just need a good nights sleep, tomorrow we can go look for your father.”
“That would be nice.”

“In that case good night Holly.”

“Night Genki.” Genki went to his sleeping bag, he wasn’t sure why but something felt incomplete like he had forgotten to do something important.

“What could I have forgotten?” he thought to himself as he started dozing off. “I guess I’ll
just have to find out later, it might be nothing. He fell asleep.

“Genki!” He looked up. “Genki!” There was Holly, she was crying. He tried to go to her but he
couldn’t move. “Help!” It was always Holly’s voice calling to him but she never looked up and her
lips never moved. Holly’s father came out behind her, he knelt down beside her and tried to comfort
her. All of the sudden an identical copy of Holly’s father came out. He and Holly’s father began
fighting. Holly’s father lost and the man looked like him came up to Holly and hit her. Pain hit him
like a tidal wave, he felt like someone had taken a bulldozer and was driving it around on his insides.
He went to help Holly again, this time he could move, he reached her and tried to touch her but she
looked up at him in fear and ran away.

He awoke with a jerk.

“What’s your problem Genki? For the last eight minuets you have been rolling around muttering stuff!”

“Shut up Suezo, I’ve got to do something.” He pushed past the large yellow eyeball and made his way to the other side of the campfire to where Holly was sleeping. He sat down beside her and looked at her. She looked so happy and peaceful when she slept. Suddenly her face contorted into a mask of anger, sorrow, and fear. She stated crying in her sleep and moving restlessly around in her sleeping bag. Then she began muttering, he bent down to hear what she was saying. All he could discern was, “Father no!” and “Genki help me!” He took her shoulder and began lightly shaking it. “Holly wake!” he whispered in her ear. “Wake up!”
Her eyes shot open, she franticly looked around.

“You were having a nightmare and talking in your in your sleep.” She shivered in the cold. He went over to his backpack and got out a blanket, he returned to her and unzipped the zipper to her sleeping bag. He bent down and helped her up, and then he put the blanket around her shoulders and led her to a place by the fire where they both sat down. The fire was getting low, so he tossed on a couple more logs.

“Buzz off Suezo.” He said as the eyeball snuck up behind them to eavesdrop. He began to talk to Holly as he poked the fire. “What was the nightmare about?”

“I’m not sure, but I was really scared.”

"I’ve been having nightmares too. It’s always the same thing but a bit different. It started out with you siting on the ground crying and me not being able to move. Now you’re sitting on the ground crying and I can’t do anything when your father shows up and comforts you, after that a mirror image of your father appears and seems to kill your father and then he hits you. I feel this huge amount of pain and feel like my insides have been put in a blender. Then I can move and I run to help you. That’s always when I wake up.” He shivered despite the warmth of the fire as he remembered the dream. Holly took his arm off her shoulder and then took the blanket and put it around him to. He reached down and put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. “All I can remember from my nightmare is that it is dark and I’m crying, in some of them I might be screaming. In a couple of the later ones someone comes to comfort me but then leaves, today after the person leaves someone hit me.”

“That’s really weird, because when I tried to wake you up you kept saying, “Father no!” and “Genki help!” The funny thing is that in my dream I always hear you saying Genki, help, and today father no.”

“We’ll have to figure it out later.”

“We’d better get some sleep.”

“Well good night.”

“Sleep well.” As Hollyturned around, it dawned on Genki that there was something he was forgetting to say. He turned around and put his hand on her shoulder. He looked at her eyes. “There’s something that I have to say”

“Go ahead.”

“I have no idea what it is.” He said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Maybe you’ll think of it tomorrow.”

“You’re right.” He turned around and crawled into his sleeping bag.

Genki felt someone shaking him, he wondered what time it was. He opened his eyes they were met
bye Holly’s brown eyes. “Did I oversleep?”


“I’ve really gotta start sleeping trough the entire night without waking up cause of some nightmare.”

“That would be nice.”

“Oh well, have you had breakfast?”

“No Hare is cooking it right now.”
“Crap, even Suezo cooks better than him, and Suezo is a big eyeball with a mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll try not to.”

“Figure out what you were gonna tell me yesterday yet?”

“Still don’t have a idea.”

“The food is finished!” Hare screamed.

“Well let’s go eat Holly."

“Might as well.”

When Holly had asked the pendant where her father was something weird had happened. The
pendant had continuously traveled between two points as if her father were in two places at once.
They had opted to go to the one on the right and had made good progress in the last couple of

“Hey guys, lets stop for lunch!”

“Good idea Genki, but I think that we should eat only a little since we are beginning to run low on food.”

“I agree Tiger.” Genki stopped and opened his backpack, he rummaged through and took out a bag of apples, a loaf of bread, and some things to put on the bread. Everyone ate a sandwich and then ate an apple while continuing on. After a few more hours they arrived in a small village, they continued until they reached the town-square. People who saw them averted their eyes and got as far away from them as possible.

“I wonder what’s wrong with them.”

“No idea Golem.” Said Tiger.

“Let’s just keep walking guys.”

“Why Hare? You scared?”

“No Tiger, I just think it would be a good idea to keep moving”

As they neared the center of the square they saw a man standing in the center of the square saying something. As they got closer they started to hear what he was saying. “They are evil and need to be destroyed. They caused a lot of trouble and many deaths. All of the monsters must be killed!” Holly stared at the man who was talking, she took Genki’s arm and clutched it as if her life depended on it.

“Genki, that man is my father!”

“It can’t be. He’s acting nothing like the man you described to me.”

“It looks like him.”

“Let’s leave and follow the pendant to the other one.”

“I hope it’s really my father this time.”

Before they could leave the man spotted them. “Hey you!” He said pointing at them. “Come up here!”

The people who had been listening to the man talk parted to clear a path for them. As they came up to the man he looked at all of them at turn his eye finally coming to rest on Holly. “Holly, what are you doing with those freaks!?” He asked angrily.

“They are not freaks they are my friends.”

“Get rid off them!”

“Yes, you will do as I say, I am your father!”

“That’s funny, because you act nothing like him. Anyway, you haven’t seen me for years, I think you should be acting a bit differently.” She turned around.

“Let’s go look for my father guys.” The man that looked like Holly’s father leapt off
of the stage and struck her in the back of the head, Genki saw it happen and became enraged. He
ran up to the man and focused all his energy into one blow, punching the man in the stomach. The
man staggered back as all the air escaped his lungs in a big whoosh and then fell to the ground. He
turned around and went to Holly, who was sitting on the ground as if in a trance with tears running
down her face. He helped her up and helped support her and they left the town and got as far away
as possible and turned toward the other area that the Pendant had directed them to.


Genki looked at Holly who was siting beside him on the boulder. She had not said anything since the
incident in the village they had been at two hours ago.

“Hey, snap out of it Holly.” She looked back at him blankly. He looked at her pleading. “Come on, we’ve stopped for the night, at least lay out your sleeping bag and eat something.” She got up and prepared a spot to sleep by the campfire and then got some food. Then she just sat staring off into space.

“What are we going to do about Holly’s condition?”

“I’m not sure Golem.”

“Why don’t you try talking to her again Genki?”

“I’ll try Moushi.”

He went over and sat down beside her. “Your food is getting cold, you might as well eat it.” Silence.
“That wasn’t your Father, you know that right?”

“I’m not sure, it looked like him.”

“Maybe he did, but that doesn’t mean a thing.”

“It still hurts though.”

“I know.”

“Why did he have to be like that, why couldn’t we have found my father on the first try?” “I don’t know, but there was a 50/50 chance of going the wrong way, the next one is definitely going to be your Father.”

“I hope so.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it will be.” Holly finished her food and got up, Genki did likewise.

“Thanks for talking to me, I needed to have someone tell me things were gonna be alright.”

“I couldn’t stand seeing you upset, I had to do something.”

“Thank you anyway.” He smiled at her and embraced her, puling her next to him. She returns the hug smiling happily letting all of her fears and anxieties go.

“I don’t know what I would do without you.” She said before going to her sleeping bag
to rest. Genki smiles and does the same but has a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he
forgot to do something.


That night he didn’t have any nightmares so he was up early. He fixed breakfast and after everyone
ate Holly once again consulted the pendant and they set off again in the direction it indicated. They
traveled the entire day without incident and the next also on the third day however they finally found
Holly’s father. They had been traveling for days over gently rolling plans and were surprised when
they came to the edge of a forest. As they came closer they saw that there was a cabin. In front of it
was a man who looked exactly like the man from the village, he was chopping wood.

“Hello sir.”
Genki said as they came up to him. Genki felt Holly take his hand as the man looked up. He
squeezed her hand in reassurance. When the man looked up they saw his face light up with joy.
“Holly!” He exclaimed. He ran up to them and swept Holly up in his arms. “My daughter where have
you been?”
“Father, is it really you?”

“Of course it is why wouldn’t it be.”

Genki walked up to Holly’s father. “Well we ran into a man who looked just like you also claiming to be her Father but he acted nothing like you.”

He blanched. “I can explain.”

“Really?” Holly said.

“Yes, you and your friends come inside, I’ll explain.”

To be continued . . .


Next chapter: Part 2 Answers and Realizations- Genki finds out why he could use the pendant, why
there are two of Holly’s father, and what he has been forgetting to do.

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