Do you know this place?

Who are these people?

Thay are in a landfill

Who are those little kids?


A nun?  Whos knows Ed?

A orphanage?

Wandered in around five years ago and then wandered out again

Weird looking soup

I know where it is, we just came here for food

Its a picture of her father

He forgot he put her in a daycare center and lost her for seven years

Man, they freak me out, I'm freaking out mannnnn

There it is, the waterfall and everything

"Are you fay?  Its me Sally Young, I was in your graduating class, man she's eighty

Wow, she is pretty strong

Good music (duh)

Don't run off like that Fay!

Hey Ein I got us something, wanna smell?

Fay does not look happy

Let it be Let it be Let it be Let it be, speaking words of wisdom let it be..

Don't sweat the small stuff

This is getting depressing

Now she remembers, in the shower

For once she doesn't look like a prostitute,

She apologized, things are getting stranger and more out of character

Ed, I finally remember where it is I belong, there is somewhere that you belong to, belonging is nice

Appledairy come with us and no one gets hurt

No we have to map the earth


Dude he's kicking Spike across the screen

Ed shouldn't be flying that thing


He's swinging her around like a hammer

Thanks for taking care of my son, or daughter.. either way thanks

You wanna stay with me now?


It's Makintire

And they are gone

She comes home to nothing but dirt

She was a cute little kid, to bad she grew up to be like she is


it is gone

Man the music is good, but depressing

Where go you Ed?

By Ein, guess you're going to

No one there, sigh

Bye Bye

She drew her room in dirt and went to sleep

Man that is so sad

Egg eating contest

You can't come with me Ein, Do you wanna come with Ed?

Barefoot still

Come, lets go

Falling star

See you cowgirl,
someday somewhere