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Part 2- Answers and Realizations

“Could you start explaining how there are two of you?”  Asked Genki.

“Gladly.”  Replied Yosho.  “When the Phoenix and Moo as you probably already know they tried to rectify as much of the damage they had done.  The part that most people who where involved don’t know is that the evil that had taken possession of Moo after he began absorbing peoples hatred did one last thing before being destroyed.  It used the last bit of its energy to split the body of the person Moo had originally taken control of and manifest itself in one of the halves.  That of course was the side that you met earlier, I am the other side.  Anyway, it decided to warp the person’s personality and memory to a point whereas it would cause the most damage.  It knew that the way it could do the most damage was a full-scale war between humans and monsters.  In order to achieve that it had to warp the personality so that he would believe that all monsters where evil and that humans were in all ways superior to them.  Once it had that done it just ceased to exist outside the manifestation of itself in the body and mind it had created from my own.  When the components of their bodies and souls were spread across the area we where dropped in different locations, if it had not been for that I would have killed him by now.  Since I was unable to do that I had to wait for someone with the abilities needed to defeat my twin, now that the all of you are here the people I needed have arrived.”

“How do you know that father?”

“I know that you have the abilities needed, you because I know that you can activate the pendant, Genki I know has the power because the abilities that will be needed for this task are the ones that were needed to fuse your five friends with the Phoenix.”

“Sir, I can also activate the stone, it is what I used to find Holly.”

“That is good Genki, it means that you already have a large amount of control over your abilities, also, I would like for you to call me Yosho.”

"How did we get these abilities?”

“That is an important question and because I was melded with Moo I know the answer.  At the time of the great war the Pendant people decided that if they were to survive they would not only have to genetically engineer stronger Monsters but also stronger humans.  They choose a genetic strain of humans which is very rare because all the traits which accompany the abilities a recessive.  However when a person has at least 54% of the genes where the only the recessive trait shows thereby meaning that only if it is homogeneous does it effect the person.  However if it does effect the person it allows the person to use most of the brain.  Because of this ability to use parts of the brain that people usually can’t access brain telepathy and telekinesis.  If a person is trained to use these abilities he or she can become very powerful.  Because the Pendants knew this they tried to isolate those genetic traits so they could become as powerful as the beings that they had created.  Before they could finish the experiments though, they were destroyed in the war.  Holly has her abilities due to the aforementioned experiments, you however Genki have your abilities because he was one of the rare one in a billion cases whereas there were enough of the genes were isolated to allow you to use your abilities.”

“Could you teach us how to use our abilities?”  Asked Genki.

“I am not sure.”  Replied Yosho.  “ The genes skipped my generation except for one person and he did something stupid and was killed, so I have no idea ho to use them or train people to use them.  A person who knows a lot about the pendants might be able to help though.”

“There is a Monol that we met.”  Said Genki.

“What about Colt.”  Asked Holly.

“I don’t know, Monol is much better at telling people about the past.”

“Why don’t we just get both?”

“Good idea.”

“I think Hare is finished with the stew.”  Said Yosho.

“Then we’d better set the table.”  Said Holly.

“I’ll go get bowls.”  Genki went and put bowls on the table as Holly put spoons on the table.  Hare brought in a kettle of stew.  Everyone came to eat except for Golem who only ate rocks.  Everyone agreed that the stew tasted good though Hare would not say what was in it.  Everyone was soon finished and almost everyone went off to bed, however Holly, Moushi, Genki, and Yosho stayed up.

“Why don’t both you tell me how you found each other again.”  Said Yosho.

“Good idea,” agreed Genki, “I still don’t know what happened to Holly after I returned to my world.”

“I’ll tell you what happened.  After Genki was swept off of the dragon and disappeared I went to nearby town where Suezo had appeared a bit before I arrived.  The people there had already heard what had happened and we where treated as heroes.  After I stayed there a week I went to search for the others.  First I found Golem who had been living in a canyon around two days travel from there.  I stayed there overnight and then moved on, I found Hare working in a casino.  We moved on from there and traveled for three days and then ran into Genki, Suezo, Moushi, and Pixie.  Both of you know what happened from there on.”

“Your turn Genki.”

Genki repeated his story starting at the point where he fell off the dragon and was taken back to his world.  When he was finished Yosho sat there for a few seconds and then began asking questions.

“When did you start having the dream Holly?”  He asked her.

“I started having it one week after Genki left”

“How about you Genki?”

“Same time.”

“What about when they ended.”

“I know when Genki’s ended and I know mine ended at the same time.”

“Did you feel in any way different when you found each other than when you found the others?”

“Completely, different.” Said Holly.

“Definitely.”  Added Genki.

“How did you feel?”

“I can only speak for myself but I felt a feeling of relief, like a part of me had been missing and I was complete again.  Only thing is that I felt tired and a bit sad.” Answered Genki.

“I felt similar only all of the sudden I felt really sad afterwards.”

“Anyone notice?”

“Well Genki came and talked to me, when he was finished I felt better and somehow I knew that he for some strange felt better too.”

“I suspected this but I wasn’t sure at first, now I know for sure.  The only thing that explains all of the things that you experienced.  The two of you probably have a telepathic link, that means that you can sense each others emotions, see each others dreams and if you concentrate you could probably talk to each other telepathically.”

“Are you sure?”  Asked Holly.

“Try it some time when there aren’t to many distractions around and you have some time.”  Said Yosho.

“I wi . . .!

Moushi had fallen asleep and had fallen off of its chair and knocked Genki off of his chair to.

“You’d better get to sleep to guys.”  Said Yosho.

“Okay, lets get to sleep Holly.”  Genki picked up Moushi and put on a bunk, which was in one of the cabins four rooms then he got ready for bed and crawled into his sleeping bag.  That night was uneventful and he was up early, he looked around and saw that Holly had just begun to stir, everyone else was still in bed.  He got out of his sleeping bag
and packed his things and prepared everything to leave.  He left the room where they had spent the night and went to sit in front of the fireplace.  He heard a noise and looked up, it was Holly, she still looked a bit sleepy she sat on the chair across from him.  He thought about what her Father had said about them maybe being able to communicate telepathically.  “Maybe I’ll test his theory.”  He thought to himself.  He concentrated on her and tried to think of something to tell her.  He mentally repeated the sentence he had chosen while thinking of Holly.  He looked at her and then distinctly heard her say “Good morning to you to” in his mind.

“Holly is it just me or did we just talk to each other mentally?”

“Sure seemed that way.”


“Guess father was right about the psychic link between us.  Maybe he was right about our
other abilities to.”

“We’ll have to find out.”

“I’m going to go pack my stuff to so that you will be ready to leave.”

“I’ll help you.”

They left the room and went to the room were they had slept and rolled up Holly’s sleeping bag, then they packed the rest of her stuff and took there backpacks out to the door.  After that they fixed themselves breakfast, ate, and then sat down to wait for the others.

“Hey Holly, lets go outside for a while.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Genki stood up and went to the door, he held it open for Holly to go through.  He went through after her and gently closed the door.

“You two are up early.”

“Morning dad.”

“Morning Sir”

“Why are you out here so early?”  Asked Holly.

“Like coming out here early to watch the sunrise.  Why are you up so soon?”

“We where up early and didn’t want to disturb the others, so we decided to come outside for a while.”  Replied Holly.

“We just ate breakfast and got all of our things ready to go.”  Added Genki.

“Leaving already?”

“We want to find the answers we need so that we can defeat the evil version of you.”

“That’s a good idea Genki.  You should leave a bit later today, there is a man that comes through here once a month that I buy my supplies from, you could get some more supplies from him before you leave.”

“Ok we’ll wait.”  Said Genki.

Yosho went back inside.  Genki and Holly sat down beside each other on a bench beside the woodpile.

“Do you think that we should tell my father about the fact that we can communicate telepathically now?”

“I don’t know, he your father I think you should decide.”

“I guess so.”

“I guess so to what?!”  Did I miss something?!”

Holly and Genki turn around and see Suezo standing in the open door looking at them.
“Were you spying on us?”  Asked Holly.

“No I was coming out the door to call you in and I saw you two and I just didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Sure.”  Genki replied.

“Just come in guys, we are having breakfast.”

“We already ate breakfast.”  Said Holly.

“Shut the door and come inside Suezo!”  Screamed Tiger from inside.
Suezo turned around, and went in, angrily slamming the door.

“So Holly, what do you think?”

“I think that we should tell him before we leave.”

“How about right after they are finished eating breakfast.”

“Sounds good.”

Holly and Genki went and sat back down on the on the bench beside the woodpile.  They both sat there in silence both lost in their thoughts.  Holly looked at Genki she wondered what he was thinking.  “Maybe I can find out,” she thought to herself.  She concentrated on his presence and finally broke through.  “I wonder why she is looking at me funny like that, though she does look kind of cut when she does that.”  Holly blushed a crimson red, she noticed that she had been staring at him for a long time.

“Are you all right?”  Asked Genki.  “You look kind of flushed.”

“I’m fine!”  Holly said hurriedly, but it is kind of windy out here.”

“Yeah, we might as well go back in now.”

Genki held the door open for Holly as they both went back inside where the others where just finishing breakfast.

“Want some breakfast?”  Asked Suezo as they walked in.

“We told you before, we’ve already eaten.”  Holly said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that.”

“Hey Holly, do you think that we should tell him now?”

“Might as well.”    “Father.”  Holly said, Yosho turned around.

“Yes Holly?”

“Remember how you said that Genki and I are probably psychically linked?”

“Sure do.”

“We figured out how to communicate telepathically this morning.”

“Wow that was fast.”

Genki grinned and put his hand behind his head.  “I’m gonna have to be more careful what I think from now on.  We might be reading each others minds by accident without the other person noticing.”

Holly sweatdrops, “or maybe on purpose” she thought to herself.

“Something wrong Holly, you look kind of funny.”  Tiger said.

“Nothing is wrong with her,” Hare said, “she always looks funny
All of the sudden Hare cowers with fright as everyone turns to him glowering angrily.

“Who asked your opinion!”  Tiger shouted.

“You trying to insult me?”  Holly screamed.

“Shut up yelled!”  Genki yelled

“Chi!”  Moushi added as if for emphasis.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to insult your girlfriend Genki.”

“She’s not my girlfriend!  Now apologize!”

“Okay, okay Genki, don’t have a cow.  Holly I’m sorry I insulted you.”

“Apology accepted.”

“Sheesh, what’s the big deal.”  Hare grumbled.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” Genki said, “I have to be more careful, we might end up picking up each others thoughts by accident.”

“Well if you practice you might have very good control of your thoughts, maybe you could even use the telekinesis.”

“I’ll practice every night what about you Holly.”

“We can practice together.”


“All of you should all prepare to leave later today.”  Yosho said.

Holly and I are ready to go.” Genki said.

Hare walked over with his stuff and said, “You can pack my stuff to.”

“Mine to!” Suezo added.

Soon everyone else had dumped their stuff by Holly and Genki’s feet and had gone outside to hide.
“You might as well get started then.”  Yosho said as he walked out the door.

Holly and Genki stood there looking at the pile of junk at their feet sighed and then began to pack everyone’s stuff.


“Your guide is coming!”  Yosho yelled as a vehicle with a man and a young Hare sitting on his shoulder in the front seat. It was being moved by some kind of motor.

“Hey! That looks like Jim!”  Genki exclaimed.

“Sure looks like him.”  Suezo said.

“You would know.”  Hare commented.

“What’s that supposed to mean!”  Suezo shouted.

“Nothing.”  Said Hare as he turned around folding his arms.

It would have probably broken out into a fight if Jim had not reached them at that moment.  Yosho came out of the house.

“Hello Jim.”  Said Yosho as he came out the door.

“Hi,” said Jim, “I see that you have some friends with you, in fact ones that I have met.”

“Hi Jim!”  Greeted Genki.  “Have you gotten a new boat yet?”

“Oh hi Genki long time no see, I have new boat docked at the river.”


“As long as I don’t have to go on it!” Said Golem.

“So your large friend is still afraid of water.”

“He can’t help that.”  Holly said.  “He is made of rock, and he sinks like one too.”

“And his head is made of rock too.”  Suezo muttered to himself only to be swatted into a tree at full force.

“Oh well, guess some things don’t change.”  Jim said.

“Not really.”  Said Genki.

Everything reverted to an organized chaos as the plans for the next few weeks’ travel was arranged.  Finally everything was planned, and a few thousand gold passed hand as preparations for the journey were made.  After lunch was prepared and eaten Holly consulted her pendant and they set out on the direction that it had said would lead them to Colt whom they had decided to search for first early that day by flipping a coin.  They said good-bye to Yosho and headed toward the river where Jim’s boat was stored which would take them the direction they needed to go faster than going on foot, they had left the car because not everyone would fit in. They made it by that night and set up camp for the night.  After everything was set up for the night and they had all eaten Holly and Genki went to practice their telepathic abilities and hopefully telekinesis.

They both sat down cross-legged beside each other facing the fire.  They both concentrated and opened communication.

“Hi Holly, can you hear me?”

“Loud and clear Genki.”

“Great, I wonder if we can hear each others thoughts without broadcasting them to each other?”
Holly blushed slightly,  “Why can’t I get over the incident this morning?” she wondered to herself.

“What’s wrong Holly?”


“I can sense your emotions Holly, I felt a weird lurch at the pit of my stomach which I have no explanation for, and I felt a strange twist in your emotions at the same time, so I know it was one of your emotions.”

“It’s nothing.”

Holly felt a strange feeling as if someone was prodding a finger right between her waist and her chest, then she heard Genki chortle lightly.

“That’s all?  You accidentally picked up a stray thought this morning and your worried I’ll be mad if I find out, that’s it?”

“You aren’t upset at all?”

“No, try doing what you did this morning, I want to see what happens, but if you would let me I would do the same thing at the same time.”

“No problem.”

She opened her mind to him and felt him do the same, all of the sudden she felt his very essence flood he mind, he felt strong and protective but with a happy and loving part also, she felt it enveloping her.  She felt like she was in a weightless, warm, room and like she was completely safe, she felt warm and relaxed and could feel his every thought like the eddies and currents in a tranquil lake.  She was still in contact with her own body but somehow knew that if she tried she could feel his also.  She simply let herself be carried along.

It was as interesting feeling, she felt warm and caring but very sad to, it was like swimming in a lake in the moonlight, and the lake was cool with patches of warm and cold every here or there.  Her mind felt like was ebbing and flowing back and forth around him.  He decided to do what he had come here to do.

“Holly, can you still hear me!?”  Genki mentally shouted.

“Even better than before.”  He heard her voice as if she was thinking in his head.

“Should we do what we where planning to do?”

“I don’t know.”  He felt the doubt in her reply.

“You don’t have to”

“Thanks, maybe some other time, this was kind of overwhelming.”

“I understand.”


He felt her begin to withdraw as he did the same, he felt a great sense of loss as it happened.  He wondered if she felt the same feeling as if her insides were being ripped apart.

“Hey Holly, lets try telekinesis before we stop.”

“Good idea Genki.”

He looked around for a good thing to try to move.  He saw some stones lying at the edge of the campsite.  He sent her a mental picture of the rocks.

“Do you think those will work?”

“Lets try it Genki, you take the one at the very right and I’ll take the one on the very left.
He agreed with her and concentrated on lifting the rock, which she had chosen for him, after a few minutes his floated slowly off of the ground, he looked over and saw hers do likewise.

“Holly, let’s try putting them in the fire with our telekinesis.

“No problem.”

After a short struggle he saw his rock float to the fire followed closely by Holly’s, when they where both above the fire Holly and Genki both dropped them at the same time sending a shower of sparks up into the night-time sky.  This probably would have caused some commotion but the only other people up at the time were Hare, Jim, and the small Hare, which accompanied Jim.  The `leveret and Hare seemed to be having a discussion and Jim was just gazing absently into the flames.  Genki stood up as all the muscles in his body protested and he saw Holly wince also as she stood up and knew that her muscles where doing the same thing.

“I feel like I have been sitting here for hours!”  Genki exclaimed.

“Same here!”  Holly added.

“I think the reason for that is that you have been sitting there for an hour and a half.”  Jim told them both.

“That long!” Holly gasped.

“Yep.”  Confirmed Jim.

“In that case I’m going to bed.  Good night everyone.”  Holly said as she went to her sleeping bag took of her shoes and vest, crawled in, and went to sleep.

“Well that was fast.”  Genki commented as he sat down by the fire and looked at Holly’s sleeping form with a strange look in his eyes.

“Yes, she seemed exhausted.”  Jim said.

“I shouldn’t have gone so fast, if the mind meld didn’t take most of her energy the use of her telekinesis probably did.”

“So that’s how you moved those rocks.”  Jim muttered.

“Did we forget to tell you?  Holly and I have a psychic link and all these psychic powers we are going to be practicing them a lot while traveling, we may need them.”

“Why, didn’t you already defeat Moo?”

“Well yes we did but her father was the body that he originally took possession of so when he destroyed himself he split his body in two, one was Yosho and one was the evil destructive force that took control of Moo near the end of the battle.  And we are trying to find as much information on the pendants and our powers so that we can stop him.”

“I’m just curious Genki, but could you tell me everything that happened after I saw you the last time?”

Genki agreed to do so and repeated the story to Jim in full detail, with little interruption.  When he was finished he found his eyes once again resting on Holly’s sleeping form.

“You like her don’t you?”  Jim asked.

“Of course,” Genki replied, “she’s one of my best friends.”

“No, I mean that you love her.”

Genki stared into the fire.  “I don’t know.”  He replied and then to himself more than anyone else he repeated “I don’t know.”

“Well, if you figure it out, don’t tell me tell her, she should be the first person to know if you do.  I’m going to bed now good night.”  Jim got up and went to his sleeping bag and went to sleep, Genki stayed up a bit longer staring into the fire lost in thought before he went to bed.  When he finally went to bed he just lay there thinking about what Jim had said and searching himself for the answer top the question, he must have dozed off because when he opened his eyes again it was morning.


Holly woke up, she was sore all over, she would never have guessed that someone could feel that sore just from sitting down.  She got out of her sleeping bag and saw that only Genki and Golem where still asleep and that breakfast was already being made.  She went over and woke Genki for breakfast then she sat down beside him and ate.

“I thought that Hare would be the last one still asleep.”  Tiger remarked.

“He was also the last next to last one awake one.”  Genki defended Hare.

“How would you know?”  Tiger asked.

“I was the last person awake that’s how.”  Genki answered.

Holly looked at him curiously and almost by reflex started probing his mind about why he was up so late only to quickly withdraw embarrassed at the fact that she was trying to violate her best friend’s thoughts.

“Why where you awake?”  Tiger asked.

“I was thinking and couldn’t get to sleep.”  Genki answered.

This time Holly restrained herself before she even started searching his mind.  The discussion would have gone on much longer if Hare had not woken up, he joined them to be greeted by Tiger saying something about his laziness.  Genki, Golem, and Jim went down to the river and got the boat into the river, Hare and Tiger stopped their constant bickering as they got onto the boat, and then turned on Golem who was sitting in the middle of the raft refusing to move.  They traveled uneventfully for days, much of the time was spent fishing and talking, Genki and Holly spent a large amount of time practicing their psychic abilities though they did not try a full mind meld again the entire trip.  Despite this they became very good at telekinesis, they could now move large objects using telekinesis and had tried pushing the boat into the river in the morning but failed badly.   They had however become quite adept at moving large amounts of water, which made making either of angry pure stupidity since they where constantly near an almost inexhaustible source of water.  After a week or so of traveling they finally got to a point whereas they would have to go on land the rest of the way.  After a day of travel they stopped for the night.

“I wonder how much longer it will be before we finally find Colt.”  Genki wondered as he sat down on a log that they had dragged up by the fire.

“You sure seem eager to find her.”  Suezo said.

“He is eager to find her.”  Holly thought to herself.  She had bad feeling.  “Why wouldn’t he be.”  She thought to herself.  “She pretty, she’s smart, she’s funny, why wouldn’t he be happy to find her.”  She felt horrible.  “Why is this bothering me?”  She wondered.

“It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything so I shouldn’t be worried about who he likes.”  She snapped out of it as Genki replied.

“I just can’t wait till I find the info I need so that we can get back to a normal life, whatever that will be.”

“Good point.” Suezo said.

“Holly, we have to practice telekinesis and all the other things.”  Genki said getting up.  “Would you like to try a mind meld again today?”
Holly felt a nervous lurch in the pit of her stomach.  She knew this would come someday.  She didn’t want him to know all the things she thought about him, herself, or anyone else, at least until she figured them out for herself.  “No, maybe later.”  She replied surprised that her voice sounded so calm despite the turmoil she felt inside.

“Okay.”  Genki replied.

That was it.  She was surprised she expected him to react differently, but then again he probably understood that there was a good reason for her refusal.  They went and practiced, then they had dinner.  After that everyone went to bed.  They next day they finally found who they had been looking for.  Around ten o’clock they came to a town where Jim decided that they should stop for supplies.  They went into a store where they ran into Colt who was at that time buying a shovel and was at the back of the store.  Genki, Jim, and Suezo walked up to her.

“Hi Colt, are you still researching the pendants?”  Genki asked.

“Genki! What are you doing here?”  Colt exclaimed.

“Looking for some information on the pendants, we hoped that you could give it to us.”  Genki replied.

“Why do you need it?  Moo has already been defeated.”  Colt replied.

“I’ll explain later.”  Genki replied.  “Right now the others are getting supplies and I going to go help.”

“The others?”

“Well that is usually implied by WE”

“No I mean are there others than that man and the Suezo.”



“All the other people that I was with last time plus Jim, which is that man, and a young Hare.”

“So you’re still traveling with that Holly girl?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“No reason.”  Colt went and paid for the shovel, then they went to an outdoor restaurant where Holly and Genki explained what they needed to know and why.  Colt leaned back in her chair and put her hands behind her head.

“I’m not sure that I can tell you the information that you need but I can take you where you can find it.”

“Great!”  Genki exclaimed.  “We’re finally getting somewhere.  Could lead us there Colt?”

“Sure.  Let’s set out tomorrow.”  Colt said.

“Sounds good to me.”  Jim said.  “I’ll accompany you to where she is taking you and then leave when you get the info.”

They finished their meals and set up camp outside of town.  Colt told them to get back to the river so they could take the boat since it would be faster.  They got up the next morning and set out making it to the boat the next day.  They set off down river the next day and made good progress.  After a week of travel they made it to the ruins that Colt said would contain the information they needed.  They camped by a partially collapsed ruin and built a fire after dinner Tiger and Hare sat there arguing, the leveret and Suezo sat talking, Colt was writing in her notebook, Mochi and Golem sat talking, and Genki and Holly stared into the fire lost in thought.  Holly looked at Genki.  “Why am I so upset?”  She thought to herself.  “Nothing is wrong.  I should be happy we are getting closer to achieving our goal.”  She looked back at the fire.  “It might be Colt.  She and Genki are getting along so well.”  He looked over at Colt.  “Why should that bother me?”  She wondered.  “Its not like I’m in love with him or anything, is it?”  She looked over at him and saw him looking back.
Genki looked down and blushed.  “Why do I keep looking at her?  Now she’s seen me.   This is horrible.  She probably hates, unless we’re practicing she puts a wall up, I can’t even sense her emotions anymore.”  He looked at her again and then quickly looked away again.  “This wasn’t working, these last few days had been hell, I acted like everything was okay but I still feel horrible inside, it’s like Holly is shunning me.  Why does her putting up a wall hurt me so much.”  He looked at her again.  “Jim was right I do love her, I had just never realized it, but how would I tell her?  He got up and sat down beside her.  “Could you please take down that mental barrier Holly?  It really hurts for you to shut me out.”
She looked up at him.  “Why?”  She said taking away the barrier.
He put touched her chin and turned her eyes so that he was looking into them.
“I love you Holly.”  He told her.  She looked back at him as if paralyzed then threw her arms around him all her defenses breaking down, all of her pent up feelings came bursting out at him as she clung to him crying.  He ran his fingers through her hair and put his head on her shoulder crying silently.
“I love you too Genki.”  Holly said.
He knew that he had missed her even though she had been there all along.  He looked her in the eyes and kissed her gently.  He closed his eyes and felt her do the same.  He broke off the kiss and pulled back.

“She looked down.  “I’m sorry Genki.  I’ve been stupid I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

It’s okay, I know that I’ve hurt you to and I am sorry to.”

Holly smiled at him.  “Apology accepted.”

Genki felt her joy flood him he looked at her smile and knew that she was finally happy again.  “Likewise.  Come on we’d better get to sleep Holly.”

They both got up and went to their separate sleeping bags.  Everyone except Colt claps happily as Holly and Genki.  Colt looks down on the ground between her feet.

I was so sure that I would be able to get Genki as my boyfriend.” She sighed.   A bit later
everyone went off to bed to sleep before the long day that they knew would come the next day.

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