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Part 1- Searching

Genki stared at his food he just wasnít hungry.  He would have given
anything for one of his motherís home cooked meals just a couple of days
ago.  He missed his friends Holly, Moushi, Golem, Tiger of the Winds, Hare,
even Suezo.  He had wanted to go home but now he was home sick for the
world he had left, he didnít want to be here, sure he had friends here and
his family was here but he just felt empty inside. Genki excused himself
and quickly went to his room.  He jumped onto his bed and lay there
staring at the ceiling.  Whatís wrong with me, I should be happy,
sure I was happy for a while but now I just feel empty.  He dozed off.

Genki!  He woke up with a jolt, or so he thought.  "Genki!"
It was Holly, but it couldnít be, he was back in the old world and she
was still, his mind came up with a blank, where was she anyway?  "Genki!"
He opened his eyes and saw Holly; She was kneeling on the ground crying.
He stared and tried to go to comfort her but then he noticed he couldnít
move he tried again desperate to be able to move.  "Help!"  All of the
sudden he was in a black void, only one thing entered his mind, he wanted
to go back, but he knew he couldnít.  A thought entered his mind, he had
never tried.

He woke up and looked at his alarm clock.  Only two hours had passed since
he had retreated to his room.  He looked back up at the ceiling and
thought about what he had dreamt, he noticed that he had felt a longing
when he saw Holly kneeling on the ground crying, he had wanted to go comfort
her, wrap his arms aroound her, confess his love.  Stupidity.  He had
grown much during his adventure, and he had learned to know his limitations.
Areas where he was unknowing.  He knew little of what love was, and he had
realized that.  He had also come to realize how childish he had been.
Though he did not notice it while he sat pondering a resolve within him
took shape and solidified.  He would return to Holly's world.

Genki sat down on the floor, readjusting the straps of his backpack and
trying to get comfortable.  Everything was doublechecked.  He had written
his goodbye letter to his mother and  packed everything he thought he might
need.  He closed his eyes and summoned all his power.  One of the most
valuable things he had learned was that the things he had learned to do
in Holly's world worked in this one to.  He felt the power sorround him,
he concentrated on the other world and let the power take him where it
would.  Pain ripped through his body and then darkness reigned.

Genki felt sore all over, for a second he was afraid to open his eyes.
When he gathered the courage to look around he saw that he was in a meadow
with short grass and many flowers, beside him was the beginning/end? of a
path, in front of him was a forest of elms.  A bit in front of him to the
left of the path was a large boulder that was slowly beginning to crumble
under the weight of the vegetation growing on its ancient bulk.  It was
early morning and he was wet with dew.  He took off his backpack and threw
on his cloak.  Something fell off of his cloak, he picked it up and looked
at it, it was Hollyís magic pendant.  Strange, it had been destroyed when
Moo dissolved it.  Why was it here then?  He put it around his neck and
started  down the path, considering possible answers to the questions this
new development posed.

Genki had been walking for a while, he wasnít sure how long, one of the
things that he forgotten to pack was a watch.  Too late for that, wasnít
like it would have done him any good after the battery ran out anyway.
The path seemed pretty straight and level, so he stopped to put on his
blades, the would quicken his progress to wherever the path lead.  The
scenery wasnít changing much when suddenly the forest thinned out and he
came out at the edge of a town, he saw a sign.  Junt.  Probably the name
of the town.  There werenít many people around.  As he progressed toward
the center of the town he saw more people. He went into a store he saw at
the side of the road where he bought a map.  He decided it was a good time
to ask a couple of questions.  He came up to the man stocking the shelves.

"Excuse me, how long has it been since Moo was defeated?"  Genki asked.

ďIt had been around a month as of now, I am surprised that anyone would
forget."  The man answered, surprised.

"I just lost track of time.  Anyway, I would like to know if seen or heard
of a girl named Holly or a Pixie traveling with a squadron of dragons.

"I donít know anything about a girl named Holly but I saw a Pixie traveling
west to a town where I heard that a Mochi fell from the sky."

"Could you show me the road that leads to the town where the Mochi fell
from the sky?"

"Sure."  The man took out a pencil and marked a road on the map.

"Thank you sir."

The old man smiled, "My plaeasure."  He said, "It is rare to see a new face
around her.  Change is rare but welcome."

"Good bye."  Genki said.

"Bye."  The man replied as he resumed his work.  Genki skted to the edge of
town and left, following the path the friendly man had marked.

Genki had been travelling for hours when he spotted a cart with a broken
wheel. The driver was sitting on the ground leaning on the Baku, which had
been pulling it.

"Need some help?"  Asked Genki.

"Sure could, my wheel snapped, and Iíve been stuck here.  The teen who
had been driving it replied."

Genki took of his backpack and began to rummage through the things he had
put in it.  After a minute he found what he had been searching for, a
huge roll of duck tape.  He chortled to himself as he took the wheel off
and went to work, he taped to wod and used a rock to bend to metal back
into shape.  He tested it and put it back on.

"that will do or now, though it will only work for a day or so, will
that be enough to get where you're going?"

"Yes, it should do."  The cart driver replied, I can't thank you enough."

"No need to thank me, however I was wondering if I could ride with you a

The driver grinned.  "No problem, hop on."

He wlaked into the village that was marked on his map as wher the Mochi had
fallen.  It wasn't long until he found what he had been looking for.


Genki laughed and picked up the penguin as it ran to him.  He looked over
to were Mochi had been standing to find Pixie standing there.

"Its great to see both of you again."  He said as he put Mochi down.

Pixie smiled.  "It is a pleseant surprise to find you.

"For now however we should find a place to sleep, it is getting to be

Genki gazed about himself, surprised to see that the sun was setting.
"You're right, do know of a place?"

Pixi nodded.  "we are hero's here, the mayor volunteered a house for
me to use.  You can stay with m tonight."

"Good.  Come on Mochi, lets go."  Genki followed Pixi to the house
she had been talking about and prpared for the night.

"Genki!" The dream again. "Genki!"  He opened his eyes and saw Holly
crying.  Like always he tried to comfort her but he still couldnít
move.  This time something different happened though.  Hollyís father
came to her when all of the sudden A crowd of people came rushing toward
them and dragged away Hollyís father.  Then he woke up, it wasnít
morning yet and there where still a couple of hours left before daylight,
so he went back to sleep, the rest of the night was uneventful.

Genki woke up with a sensation simelar to jumping into a cold pool.  He was
asleep one moment and the next he was awake and fulley aware of the ackes
and pains his travels had gotten him.  He stiffly rose and stumbled to the
door of the room he had chosen.  He gingerly turned the knob and slipped
out of the room.

"Good morning!"  Pixi greeted Genki.

"Chi."  Mochi chimed in.

"Hey."  Genki  frowned, he had xpected the reunion to be a bit more joyous.
Still this reunion seemed empty.

"You should go search for the others, you were a team, and you should be

Genki nodded in agreement and started walking toward the door, Mochi
followed.  Before the sun had fully risen he was well out of sight of
the town.

Nothing stirred, it was a hot day.  Sparotically a meek breeze would struggle
its way across the dry landscape but it provided no relief.  Genki rolled
along the dry road with Mochi clinging to his back.  He had chosen a road
and followed it.  When it forked he followed whichever he felt would lead
him somewhere.  Once he had reached a point where the road he was following
had split and he hadnot been able to decide.  He had set up camp for a few
days? and had found himself moving again.  He would never know which path he
had followed.  He knew that he probably ate but all the days melted into one.
Life had simlply become a journey with no destination.  Landscapes melted
into each other.  He stumbled and almost fell but kept his balance out of
pure luck.  The road had faded to tall brown grass, it snapped and crumpled
as a path was plowed through it crumbling to dust before hitting the ground.

"Where are we?"  Mochi spoke for the first time in days.  Silence had been
their guide and companion for the last immeasurable span of time.

"I'm not sure."  Genki replied.  Silence resumed, broken only by the steady
dry crackling of the dead grass being crushed by the wheels of the blades.
Hills rose in front of the two travelers Genki increased his speed clearing
the hills with ease.  He was rushing down the third hil when he fell over a
rock concealed by the dead vegetation.  He fell into unconciousness.

"Yep, their still sorta alive."  Hare poked Genki in the ribs with a stick
and watched with poorly concealed amusment as muscles all along Genki's
side twitched in responce.

"Stop acting like an idiot Hare."  Tiger grumbled as he pulled a blanket
out of the backpack that lay a few feet from Ganki and rolled Mochi onto

"Acting?  You're getting soft Tiger."  Hare replied mockingly as he tossed
away the stick and picked up Genki's unconsious form.

Tiger snarled and snapped the stick out of the air, sending fragments of
wood flying.  "You seem to be eager to substain a few major injuries."
Tiger hissed as he crouched sown to the ground to leap.  "Put Genki down and
fight like a rabbit."

Hare put down Genki and enterd his fighting stance.  "Oh, a joke, I thought
I was comic relief."

"Stop arguing, we have better things to do."  Golem rumbled as he came over
the hill.  He swept his arm across the hollow at the foot of the hill and
tossed the two quarreling friends across into the grassy knoll.  The stone
giant sat down and moved Genki and Mochi onto a stretcher he had fashioned
out of the small trees he had been able to find.  He then took a length
of rope from Genki's backpack and used it to fasten the stretcher around
his neck.  "Did you find somthing?"  Golem asked as Tiger stood up and shook
himself off.  Hare stood up and brushed debris from his fur.

"Of course."  Tiger answered.  "I'll lead the way.  Try to keep up."

Tiger and Hare set off followed by Golem, bearing the stretcher.

Holly was not sure how reliable her senses were, after all usually she had
used her power through the magic stone and then it had only been good for
locating mystery discs, however there was little else to do but follow.
A few days earlier she had stumbled upon Suezo who had left Golem and Tiger
to look for her while they looked for Mochi.  Golem also had the intent
of looking for Hare, an idea that tiger did not seem to keen on.  Still
on she walked, shadowed by a yellow eyeball who was constantly chattering
away.  A few days ago the woods she had believed would last forever had
given way to gently rolling hills covered with dry brown grass.  All she
had to go by was a dream of Genki standing with her in the middle of a
field of grass.  More than nothing.

Genki took a long drink of water.  It was warm and stale but it didn't
matter.  He could not ever recall having been this thirsty.  It was night
and he was sitting at a campfire.  "How long was I out?"  He asked as he
handed the canteen back to Hare.

"A few hours kiddo, you're lucky we found you.  We had given up hope and
then not only did we find Mochi but you to."

Genki smiled, it felt great to have over half of the team reunited.  All
that wa left was to find Holly and Suezo.  Mochi was asleep once again
he had woken briefly and had greeted everyone then gone back top sleep.
Genki lay down and closed his eyes.  He should do likewise.

After the threat of Moo was removed three apposing sides began to gather
forces.  The inevitable conflict was already flaring up in many places,
hatred and prejudice caused splits between monsters and humans.  On one side
was a hoard of monsters that believed that humans were the inferior race and
should be eliminated, the other extreme was humans who felt that monsters
were an obomination and should be killed.  Than there was a third side,
believing in the equality of the species.  A war was on the horizon and
moving ever closer as Genki slept.

Genki walked between Golem and Hare, he had finally recovered enough to travel
on his own.  Mochi was able to aslo but still opted to sit on Golems shoulder.  It
was nearing noon and all that could be seen was grass as far as he looked.  He had
woken up that morning and known that something would happen.  He did not know
what but he knew it was something.  He reached the crest of another hil and moved
down.  He was lost in thought and did not see Tiger until he tripped over him.

"Watch it."  Tiger barked.

"Sorry Tiger."  Genki apologized as he picked himself up.

"What I was about to say before you tripped over me is that there are two people you
should recognize on the other side of the hill."

Genki looked at Tiger strangely and then broke into a run.  The hill seemed larger than
before, though the illusion was probably aided a lot by the grass and dust which caused
Genki to backlslide almost as fast as he was running.  He somehow knew Holly was on
the other side.  He came over the top and slid down.  He came to a top at the foot of the
hill and  stared.  There stood Holly and Suezo.

"Hi."   He said Lamely.

"Hello."  Holly replied softly.  They stared for a few more seconds and then crumpled
to the ground.