I will at times muster up the time to SURF ON THE INTERNET (spooky echo).  Every now and then I find a site that I for some strange evil filled reason choose to revisit.  This does not happen often and any site that ever attains the honor of becoming a more than once visited site and stays alive is here.

    This is a great site.  Here are tips for playing, researching, and making muds.  There is also a list of about 10,000 MUDs.  Whatever happens to tickle you fancy you will find here.  All three muds I have everer joined (there is a fourth I prefer not to speak of)  I found here.  Probably the best place for MUDs.

    An addictive large site where one gets a on line virtual pet to feed and battle and dress up an love and love until they freeze your account for no conceivable reason.  At least that's what happened to me. An Valecia was so powerful to!  I wept many tears of sorrow, and then created a new account.  Not very high tech but very fun, I recommend this site to anyone.

The Onion
    Great source of real news that no one wants to know.  Taking obscure news items or even the latest breaking news, or obvious lies, and taking a tongue in cheek look at it. Only here one will find headlines like "Feminist Group Protesting against Sculpter for Turning Women Into Object," or "All Corporations Merge into Omnicorp," and even my favorite "Social Order at Columbine Returning to Normal Several Months after Shooting."  A short warning, however, there is some profanity on the site.

    The greatest guide to anime on the internet.  The anime turnpike has everything anime related.  Well, not on it, but links to it.  Links are listed by show, and links there are, thousands of them.  If you are looking for a new anime, or info on one you already watch, this is the place.