Digimon Links

 Megchan's Digimon Sekai

 Recently Megchan was forced to shut down the digimon section of  her wonderful website, her main page is still up so visit it, it is just as good.


 The alleged first american shrine to Juri Katou.  This site has 
 worth of contents and is just the thing for your daily dose of 

 Digimon Wave

 A group of digimon sites I joined, no eal content but great 


 Come for the screenchots, stay for the sreenshots, if it is a 
 screenshot and it is on this page it probably came from here.
 Didn't have much banner wise so I adopted a batpig.

Link to me
 If you want to link to my site, save the button, put it on your page, and link it to http://junboy0.tripod.com/home.htm