Stuff You might want to know about elf quest

Wolfriders - A tribe of elves started by the High One Timmain.  A master of shape shifting, she took the form of a wolf to survive and to help her friend survive.  After a period of time in the form she became more and moer as a wold and eventually gave birht to a cup named Timmorn.  It was a Wolf and an Elf, and for this reason mortal.  Timmorn then fathered chidren, all of who bore wolf blood.  The woves and the wolfrider elves became part of a simbiotic relationship, helping each other survive.  However to survive the elves also gave up their ability to never die if not killed, becoming more mortal than their ancestors.

Recognition - because of the immortal nature of most elves reprocution was a problem.  To prevent overpopulation an elf can only reproduce when body recongizes a partner with genes that will allow for a offspring with the best assets possible and only when there is enough space and resources to support the offsprings(s).  This recognition then causes a mental link between the two elves and a need to mate.  Recognition is more rare in immortal elves because reproduction is not as nessacary for the continuation of the species.

Mortality - There are in general two kinds of elves, mortal and immortal.  If nothing kills an immortal elf it can live forever.  elves who are immortal do not age, but instead grow more powerful and a bit taller.  Mortal elves on the other hand age and die unless they are "healed" of their mortality.

Palace of the HIgh Ones - a Mammoth crystal structure which was the spaceship of the high one.  The crystal responds to the psychic commands of elves with certain abilities.  It is usually in he shape of a castle, but will take any form it is commanded to take.