HAHAHAHA gasp hack hack (chokes on his own spittle.)  Whoo boy, this is a riot, a page about the cisco networking.  In case you don't know what cisco networking is you should leave.  Run away like a frightened school girl, burn the bridges on the way to safety.  If you know what I'm talking about you probably share my feelings.  But if you know then it is to late.  This section of my site, conveniently placed in the crap section is all about some aspects of cisco.  The Semester one link will take you to my section on semester one and the semester two link will take you to my section on semester two.  I might also add that my section on semester two is much more expansive, but that it has less of what you might call "humor."  I have asked many people if I am funny, but they laugh at me and leave.  Taking this as a good sign, the semester one section and maybe even the semester two section may contain an amount of this "humor" stuff.  Enjoy or else.