Semester 2 Chapters 7-8

1.  Which two commands will allow you to view the contents of NVRAM?

show start, show configuration

2.  Which components hold the router IOS image?


3.  Which components conatain version of config file?


4.  Which commands allow you to view the contents of the RAM?

show run, show version, show protocols

5.  Which command allows the adding, modifying, anddeleting of commands in the start-up config file?

configure memory

6.  Which command is used to restore a configuration file to RAM on a cisco router?

router#copy tftp running-config

7.  What will display the runing config file to a console terminal?

router>show running config

8.  To copy surrent excisting running config into NVRAM use...

copy run start

9.  What command will encrypt a password on a cisco router?

(config)#service encryption

10.  In what scenario will the router boot into the enitial configuration dialogua after its power has been cycled?

When you power on for the first time
When you use write erase