Semester 2 Chapter 5-6

1)  List the correct sequenc of the Cisco router system startup routine.

    POST (Power on self test)
    Load Bootstrap
    Load IOS
    Load config, or if no config enter setup

2)  What is an importnat function of POST?

Post checks the hardware

3)  What is the correct order in which a router boots and looks for files?

    Load bootstrap from ROM
    Load IOS from flash
    Load IOS from ROM (or TFTP if ROM is not availabble)
    Load IOS from TFTP (or ROM if TFTP is not available)
    Load start up config from NVRAM
    Load Start up config from TFTP (if NVRAM not available
    If no startup config, enter setup

3)  Where is the next place a router looks for an IOS image file if it cannot find it in FLASH?


4)  What are the results of the config file loading onto a router?

The routing process is started, if applicable the DNS is started, IP addresses are assigned to interfaces.

5)  What impact does the command erase startup-config have on the router?

Erases backup file on NVRAM

6)  What does the reload command do?

Reboots router

7)  What is the first global configuration paremeter set when using setup mode?

Set router name (hostname)

8)  Where is the config file saved when the setup process is complete?

In the NVRAM

9)  What command is used to save the running config file to NVRAM?

copy run start

10)  What command allows you to create messges to display when someone logs on?

router(config)#banner motd

11)  What command is used to backup the active config file stored in NVRAM?

copy start TFTP

12)  What does the router prompt look like when you are in the interface mode?


13)  Setting passwords for vty 0 4, is setting password for what?

Incoming Telnet Sessions

14)  Which passwords are encrypted in the configuration file default?

enable secret passwod

15)  List the logical steps to use then confuguring a router.

    Enter config statements
    Examine the changes you have made
    If necessary modify or remove configuration statements
    Save the changes to a backup in NVRAM that the router will use when it starts up


Know what POST does
Checks hardware

What order a Router looks for files
IOS flash, ROM, TFTP

What is an important result of a configuration file loading onto a router
starts routing, can be set up as a DNS

What does reload do

Where does a config file save when you complete the config process
How do you get out

copy run start
Save active config to startup in NVRAM

Show Start

What are the modes?
What do they look like?

How do you know what default is

Telnet passwords
vty0 4

Global config parameters