Chapter 4 Semester 2 Review

Correct command to privledged

CDP works at Layer 3

Router componenets are RAM, ROM, FLASH, and NVRAM, what do they do?  (Know All four)

RAM/DRAM -- stores routing tables, ARP cache, fast-switching cache, packet buffering (shared RAM), and packet hold queues; RAM also provides temporary and/or running memory for a router's configuration file while the router is powered; RAM content is lost during a power down or restart
NVRAM -- non-volatile RAM stores the router's backup/startup configuration file; NVRAM content is retained during power down or restart
Flash -- erasable, reprogrammable ROM that holds the operating system image and microcode; Flash memory enables software updates without removing and replacing processor chips; Flash content is retained during power down or restart; Flash memory can store multiple versions of IOS software
ROM -- contains power-on diagnostics, a bootstrap program, and operating system software; software upgrades in ROM require removing and replacing pluggable chips on the CPU

What is the prompt for
User- Router>
Priveledged- Router#
Global- Router(config)#
Router - Router(config - mode)#

Which external configuration source is used with a modem?

What does CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol do)?
Gives information about directly connected routers.

Which show command does what....?

show version -- displays the configuration of the system hardware, the software version, the names and sources of configuration files, and the boot image
show processes -- displays information about the active processes
show protocols -- displays the configured protocols; shows the status of all configured Layer 3 protocols
show memory -- shows statistics about the router's memory, including memory free pool statistics
show stacks --  monitors the stack use of processes and interrupt routines and displays the reason for the last system reboot
show buffers -- provides statistics for the buffer pools on the router
show flash -- shows information about the Flash memory device
show running-config (write term on Cisco IOS Release 10.3 or earlier) -- displays the active configuration file
show startup-config (show config on Cisco IOS Release 10.3 or earlier) -- displays the backup configuration file
show interfaces -- displays statistics for all interfaces configured on the router

What would you see on a router printout when it says a serial line is operational.
Serial Line _ is up  Line Protocol is up

Which mode on the router enables you to recover passwords?


When is the configuration component loaded into RAM?

boot strap

Which port is used to initially configure a router?

console port

Which Cisco Show command shows the amount of NVRAM?

show version

How many telnet sessions can a router have simultaneously?


What is the first thing a router does when the power is turned on?
Post power-on self test

Which Cisco command displays routing table entries?

show IP route

Stores routing tables and ARP cache.
Stores backup config
Stores Bootstrap program
Stores Running ConfigStores entire IOS image
Stores entire IOS Image
not a correct
Displays active configuration
Show Running Config
Shows amount of flash memory
show flash
Displays configuration register setting
show version
Displays "Serial0 is up, line protocol is up
show interfaces
CDP operates on this OSI layer
layer 2
Command used to show all directly connected Cisco equipment
show cdp neighbors
Command used to turn CDP on
cdp enable
Use this command to display cdp information about a particular attached device
show cdp entry device name
Displays values of CDP timers
show cdp interface
Used to test all seven OSI layers
Used as an echo protocol
Test the test along the way from source to destination
Command used to display routing table
show ip router
Erases interface statistics
clear counter