Chapter 13 Notes

        The session layer establishes, manages, and terminates, sessions between aplications.         TCP provides sequencing of segments with forward reference acknowledgment.

        If a sequence number is missing in the series, the segment is retransmitted.

        A decision the session layer makes about wether to use 2 way simultanious or 2 way alternating (The two major forms
        of  of dialog control.)         2 way Alt. (Half Dulpex) is when turns are taken, Simultanious (Full Duplex) is when messages are sent in no particular

        2 way alt communication avoids interupts by taking turns simelar to token ring.

        2 way simultanious allows 2 messages to cross during conversation.

        Dialogue seperation is the orderly initiation, termination, and managing of communication.         Network File System (NFS)
        Structured Query Language (SQL)

        Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

        X-Window System Apple-talk Session Protocol (ASP)