Chapter 14 Notes

          The presentation layer is responsible for presenting data in a form that the receiving device can understand.

        Data formatting
        Used to format Text
        Data Compression

        Saves space
        Data encryption

       Proects files during transmossion

        Some examples of graphics and multimedia files are JPEG, MIDI, GIF, MPEG, and MPEG2.         A language that gives a browser directions on how to display a page.         Encryption allows data being transmitted to be protected, and Compression allows for faster transmission and receiving

        Internet uses twobinary file formats to display images
        Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)
        Joint Photographic Expertx Group (JPEG)

        Any computer with a readr for the GIF and JPEG file can read these file types regarless of type of computer.

        The multimedia file format is another type of binary file, which stores sounds, music and video.  Can be downloaded then
        played or played whiledownloading.

       Hypertext Markup Language  HTML

        not a protocol, tells a web browser what to do.