Here is where I put my digimon fanart, of which there would be alot more if I could gain the use of a scanner.  For now you'll just have to settle for what I have drawn in a oekaki board, but after a while there'll be alot of it, so I guess that isn't really that big of a problem.

How it was drawn/date
Love, don't hate. (Jun)
Paint, 12/1/2001
The computer hates me, yes its true, it started out as a good realtionship. Me staring at the monitor until my brain melted but unable to do anything, and then I started to mess around, I made it crash a few times, and now it hates me! Look at what it did to the pic when I converted it! It put smudges on (black and white) Jun's cheeks! But that's only the Black and white half. In case you want to know what the picture is, the picture shows Jun, shoulders up, one black and white, one in color. The smudges really aren't that noticeable.
Run Goggle boy, run
Oekaki, 11/2/2001
Davis running, took me a while, I apologize for not coloring the skin but the oekaki was being really stubborn and wouldn't let me get the right colors, still ok though.
Night Time
Oekaki, 11/28/2001
It is a really simple black and white picture of season one mimi in her pajamas (head and shoulders), with a blue background.  More of a sketch then anything else.

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