What will be/is in this section? you ask.  Well, things that are futuristic, noirish, or just plain weird.  Under this category are any mecha, sci fi, or other anime/manga. Gundam, Bebop, Akira, stuff like that. I will add as I watch and, or get bored.  So far I have only stuff on some of the Gundams and a bit of Bebop.  Don't worry, I have much to format so I can put it on here.  I however plan to add some Akira and will if resources permit watch Serial Experimant Lain and add a bit on that.

Because it is not required, things that will be here won't make sense oir follow much of a pattern.  I may try some of this "humor" stuff I've heard about.  I don't know if I will succeed.  Sure people laugh AT me, but you can't see my face right now.  There isn't much here now, but I'm sure that through many lost hours of sleep I will get some content for the loving public.