Brain Scratch

Tv, real seeming almost to real seeming

FAY?  Right.


Yep, its a scam, of course

That is a lot of TVs, and a lot of dead people to

searching searching, where are you?

where is he?  He's up in heaven...

senile, and drooling

Man, she's cute too...  Real bummer

Ed looks funny (no offense Ed fans)

Big shots, the life blood of something

Oh no!  The last episodeof Big shots!



Man that is cheap

Toy store, not a place Jet should be...

Star of david used by scratch?  Kinda weird

Wow, wavy and skyie

Dog is not happy

Dizzy it does make me


Don't bite Ein

Big door

dog has brainwaves?

Ed has brainwaves?

Dude, the dog is hacking faster and better than Ed

Man he never existed, that supports my theory

Why is Ed wearing a pink dress?

And why is he wearing a suit?

A hospital

shudder, how disturbing

Hangin out dead all over tv moniter type things

They are all crying

Why do you think people believe?

Don't cut him off kid, it is all he has

Teleision controls you, it is the new religion

There are more of him than there are of Spike

Now he is disconnected, it was all a dream, poor cripple


Rosnt ?

Arresting a crippled dead looking kid who isn't even concious

Why does Ed have to be nice and normal seeming all of the sudden?

Now he is dreaming a happy dream...