Treadmill Trackstar

    One of the more obscure bands I listen to, and also one of my favorite bands.  It is not often that I like a band enough that I will actually make a page about them, but this one is different.  It is a rock band, with a cello in it.  And no, it still sounds like rock.



Vocals, Guitar:        Angelo Gianni



Bass, Vocals:            Chriss Grigg



Cello, Vocals:          Katie Hamilton



Drums, Percussion:  Tony Lee



Record Company:  Atlantic

CD's: Treadmill Trackstar (don't own, must get, somehow), Only This

Why I like:  Good lyrics, good melodies, original, use cello, great poetry.

I know what you ask.  Why poetry?  Well my friends, the answer to this is simple.  Instead of telling you what the lyrics are they simply decided to put unrelated poems written by Angelo Gianni in their place.  I will copy two of them here, they are copyright of Angelo Gianni, and I do not have his permission.  I will remove them is requested to do so by him, the band, the record company, or some lawyer affiliated with one of the former.  Don't be pissed, I'm making no money off of this.  The first one is my fave, the second one is the one that goes with the first song.


We live on opposite sides of the sea.
You scratched a note on a leaf
and dropped it in a green bottle
and tossed it in the water.
You watched it float away and opened a book.
I sit on a bamboo lounge
sipping an umbrella drink
checking my watch out of boredom.
I see the bottle bobbing in the horizon
and take a nap for the hour it will take
to reach the beach.
I wake and rub my eyes and walk slowly to the edge of the water to pick up you message.
I lean back in my bamboo lounge,
matching up the stripes on my back.
I open the bottle and look at the leaf.
As always, the symbols you scratched
don't make sense to me.
I can't understand a thing,
we don't speak the same language.
I head into the jungle to find a large,
waxy leaf to answer you note.
It's not important that we understand each other.
What's important is that we keep communicating
for the sake of acknowledgment,
to acknowledge our misunderstanding and differences.
Time goes by and there are infinite leaves...
you never know what could come of it.


I saw you walking
quickly from a waterfront bar.
I followed you and you slowed.
sensing my abuse
I whispered to you that there was a secret map
tattooed on my back,
that with it I could lead you
to something good.
I told you that it,
and everything else would be yours.
You yanked off my shirt and turned me around
and true to my word, the map was there.
I felt you fingernails,
frayed from biting in anticipation of meeting
you perfect match,
they traced the twisted paths.
You pressed your fingers to your lips
and gently touched the black pirate X,
our destination.
We set off.
As we travel I fill you with promise and glow.
I tell you fantastic stories about the place that we are going.
I lead us closer and closer to what I swore would be good,
I lead us deeper and deeper into what I want
I lead you away from yourself.
But still you follow you and ask me to tell you again.
I do, and you have no reason not to believe me
and by the tim I get you to my black X,
you will find yourself to deep,
too lost,
too far away.

I will add more bands when I feel like it.  Look for link here